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What smoke do you miss in the UK

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by geeezzzzaaa, May 21, 2003.

  1. Over the years we have seen many nice smokes hit the UK.
    Trouble is Where did they go,
    What ever happened to the REAl double Zero
    What happened to Mareshi Oil
    What happened to the real slate, Chocolate block, Zulu gold

    You cant find them anywhere nowdays, I have scoured Holland in hope of a little nostalga.
    Who remembers Afghan Oil bar, You cant tell me because the russian v afghan war finished they stopped making it.
    Any long timers please add to this thread what they miss, Maybe someone somwhere knows.
    Laterz all
    Grow big, and get stoned.
  2. yeah i remember some of those......i miss the slate, and also soft black, they used to be so common, and now they're nowhere to be seen......Peace out........Sid
  3. if you want some good hash in the UK, get Jungle Charas. it usually goes for 30 quid an 1/8 though, but damn.... that's some mighty fine hash!!

    i never really go out of my way for particular strains though. i just buy the best i can afford, and don't care what it's called as long as i get boosted.

  4. Neva buy hash 4 £30 on 1/8 man thats just 2 steep. And i'm the same as u i dun care wot its called as long as it is boom:)

  5. if you had smoked some quality charras you'd accept the price. i remember getting some serious crazy charras once... went back and bought an ounce and a half for and amazing 200 (if memory serves) and that was suuuuch a great deal! top hash. :D

    i doubt what we were getting for a while was the real Double zero, just because we were getting it for a while. but it sure was some excelent hash. a QUALITY stone ;)

    what about all the gold seal and red seal? they were just dissapearing as i started to become a heavy toker.
  6. omg red seal tried it once and it was amazin, one of the best hash i eva smoked i think it was £15 4 the 1/4 that i got 4 it.
  7. crazy limeys and yer hashish, I got a chunk of some amber colored stuff in a quarter sack once but it turned out to be a dried out kernal of corn (maize) :(

    damn, they even have names and shit, sounds like fun :)
  8. £30 quid for charis Are we talikg the sticky liqurice stuff (£12.50) an 1/8 or Charrise the weed.(£20.00) an 1/8

    Those prices are what we pay in this area, but damn 30 folds i can get 2.5g of opium for that
  9. it's just really good hash mate.

    although, i didn't pay for it, my friend did.

    and it was a good deal :)

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