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what smells like piss that i can add to water and yellow food coloring

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vb757weed, May 25, 2009.

  1. #1 vb757weed, May 25, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 25, 2009
    yeah so im getting home tested, been using water and yellow food coloring but the other day they mentioned it doesnt smell like piss so im thinking if the next one doesnt either theyll lab test me and id b fucked.. so anyone know what i can add to it and where i can get it? like ammonia someone said once but idk where to get it or if it works please help!!!

    hanks for the water + thc pee + eye drops post im gonna try that today it seems like an epic win
  2. Don't drink any water for like 12 hours then add like 1/5th urine and 4/5ths your food colored water. It should be diluted enough that it still passes while resembling the smell of urine.
  3. i tried with like piss only covering the very bottom and the rest filled up with water and yellow food coloring and it smelled a bit enough to get by, but it failed the test.. and i get tested randomly so im lookin for somthin to just stash in my bathroom and use when i gotta take the test they dont watch me
  4. cat piss or dog piss
  5. bong water
  6. thanks for all the suggestions, if theyre serious or not, but i cant really have the fake pee delivered to my house trust me ive spent a while considering the options, its this, or paying 25 dollars a test for one of those 45 minuite bod cleansers, im gonna try to add visine to it tomorrow to experiment.. but seriously anything i can add thats not bong water or would require my to follow my dog around the yard with a bowl to get her piss in
  7. lol I dont think my dog would ever let me take her piss, not that I would try of course. She would be like fuck you and run away
  8. someone else's piss

  9. holy fuck your amazing.. like seriously that never crossed my mind.. lol sorry idk im high that sounds sarchastic and assholeish but im not tryna be thanks ill try and get someone at work to piss in a bottle for me and just hide it like in an eye drops thing and use it sparingly to get the smell:smoking:

    any other suggestions tho?
  10. Yeah someone elses...
  11. why sparingly, just fill a shampoo bottle with it (that you remember to never ever ever ever use!!!!) then just use that when the time comes, better fuckin hope their aint a thermometer on the test though, a lot of at home tests use that. or you could just not use drugs, it aint that hard.

  12. look at the forum ur on bro.. thats not gonna fly here
  13. I'm guessing you're 18 so tell them to shove it.
  14. ammonia just a few drops in 4 oz of water
    Other wise it smells like animal piss
  15. i was thinking something along those lines too lol, i get drugtested weekly, i intend to fail every single one of them and not give a shit, the only thing i might try to do is lower my concentration of THC, its high as shit
  16. seriously, do you have friends?

    If so get them to piss in a condom, tie it, put it in your underware during the day your getting tested, 'piss',

    this all leads up to an epic win.
  17. use a glue bottle, a condom may break and you will 'piss' yourself, also it wont be your pee so someone pissed on you
  18. I've heard that meth smells like cat piss. You could add meth to your yellow colored dye mixture so that it tricks your mom and you still wont test positive for weed
  19. ok where do i get ammonia?

    and im tryna find a clean friend to piss in a bottle for me.. most my friends smoke with me daily so.. yeah ha
  20. also put some eye drops in the piss and water, it will fuck it up. then your good.

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