What sized pot to use?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Goosie, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Im doing a SOG grow in a rubbermaid, but was woundering what sized pot to use? i read Grandpa's grow guide (in Absolute Beginners) and he use 1.5 gallon pots i believe but i think that may be bigger than i need for such a small grow space (2 rubbermaids one on the other. forgot exact measurements) or am i wrong? Should i use a smaller pot or stick to the same sized pot he used? Thanks for reading

    Oh yea, also i wanted any suggestions on something i can use as a mother/cloning box? I have an old tower computer case, its small (probly like 14-15 inches tall...) but i was woundering if i gutted that out and popped in 2 or 3 CFL's if it would be enough to clone and keep a mother plant. Also would i need a carbon filter on the mother/cloning box? Im not sure if it'll be smell-able if i dont flower it
  2. Pot size depends on how big you want your plants to get and how long you veg it. If you do a SOG method having many small plants and flower early you can probably get away with a 10" to 1 gallon pot. As for the cloning mother you can keep her growing indefinitely. If you do that she can get pretty big and that space might be too small for her. Smell depends on strain. I have two Indica cloning mothers (in Veg obviously) and they smell pretty strong. Usually, I think Indica strains smell quite a bit stronger than Sativas and their skunky smell is pretty pungent. You might want to consider a carbon filter depending on strain and how important it is to keep the smell down.
  3. Ok thanks, i'll just build a carbon filter outside of the grow box, and have it sitting on the floor next to it, and put the mother/cloning box on top of the filter with a fan blowing the air from the mother/clone box into the filter as well as the grow box. 1 filter for 2 boxes :) good thing i got 2 gallons of activated carbon at my disposal! lol, but i need to find a way to make this pack-up-able very quickly. I also want to be able to hide the smell if its in my car for a while if im forced to move again (long story...)

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