what size??

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  1. Evening fellow growers i have a 600w hps cooltube and 3 auto seedlings and one reg seedling. I was just wondering what size box(growroom) im going to need to make i prob wont do autos again just regulars and prob a max of 5-6 plants at one time oh and they'll all be soil grow for now cheers guys and girls
  2. All over the place

    3 x 6 x 6
  3. Minimum 6 sq feet (1 sq ft per plant on average). Make sure it's big enough for that cooltube with ventilation attached to fit in, there's another thread around here from a grower with a cooltube and he can't fit it in his cab.
  4. 3 ft by 3 ft is best ;) 9 Sq ft Total!

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