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What Size Snaps?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sektr, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Just wondering what size snaps everyone here who smokes snaps usually takes? Right now I'm stuck with a 14" slitted downstem Hoss bong with like a 38 or 44mm bore, ripping even just a .1 is a HUGE hit with this thing, milks up all yellow.

    I ask because I've heard a lot of people saying they take like .2-.3 snaps and I know with my bong that'd be unimaginably harsh. Do better percs really make that big of a difference in smoothness that you can take that much bigger hits? I mean my lungs are nowhere near capacity when I usually clear a snap it just starts to get hot on my throat.

    Everyone throw out their input!
  2. I always pack it to the tipity top. Even when i'm low i'll pack it full, take a hit and save it to hit in a little bit.
  3. Put ice in it, u will beable to cash out .3
  4. same here, pack a fat motherfucker and then watch Suits or The office or something while I slowly enjoy my erb. Unfortunately I just got a shit ton of kief right now and a little bit of bud :( Not even enough for a kief sandwich
  5. When I do snaps I peel the bud and don't use a grinder. I get three little pieces and do one then 2, pack it down a touch.

    Other key to making bowls last is careful flame use, be it matches a lighter or hemp wick etc. i start with the flame about a inch over the bud, and careful pull until the bud stars to light. Don't scorch the bud right away.

    Remember just because snaps are small doesn't mean they have to hit small

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