What Size Slide Do I Need For This Bong

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  1. Have had this guy for a while and I figured one of you gentlemen/ladies could let me know whatb size slide I'd need for this http://www.frolicglass.com/product/tubes/medicali-slime-series-double-disc-14-tube/
    Thankfully only the bowl was damaged and I don't have a ruler in my household. Well I probably do but honestly I'm too lazy to do any sort of searching.


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  2. And am I not supposed to say the b word on this sight? If so I apologize wasn't thinking

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  3. Well it's either 14mm or 18mm. Looks a little small to be 18mm so I'd try a 14mm. Just take the down stem into your head shop and ask, as long as it hasn't been smoked out of.

  4. That's the problem its been used for about a year gunna be a bitch to have it spotless with any cleaning method

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    from my judgement, it looks like 14mm.
    even after a year of use, 90% rubbing alcohol and salt should work perfect. might take a little bit more time, but it's never failed me.
    You can say bowl here, you just cant talk about hard drugs.
  6. It looks 14 to me. If it's close to the size of a dime, it's 14, if it looks like a dime will just fall through...it's 18.  I'd bet money on that being a 14.
  7. I think he meant bong some shops and places wont sell them unless you call it a water pipe but yeah you can say bong here

    Stay Smokey

  8. If your pinky fits in it it's probably 18mm if not it's probably 14mm easiest way would be to get a ruler or tape measurer and major the width in centimeters then convert go millimeters. Other than that you can use the dime trick like the guy above said that's always a good one.

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