what size pots for indoor soil grow

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  1. what's up everyone. I've got 2 dwc sets i'm going to be setting up using 4 plants in each. I also wanted to do a few plants in soil on the side. I am using a 250 watt mh to veg and i have 1 1,000 watt hps. I'm trying to get another. what size pots, or growbags should i use and also can anyone recommend a good soil or soiless mixture i can grow the plants in to maturity? thanks
  2. Hi,

    For soil, the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant.
    You'll want at least a 3 gallon bucket, 5 gallon if you got room.

    No need to use your 250MH to veg. You 1k HPS will increase growth rate substantially.
    Of course, this is just IMO. Do what makes you happy :)

    As for soil mix. Just buy some quality (organic if you can) top soil and mix in some vermiculite and perlite. Makes a nice fluffy, mositure holding medium and will have enough nutrients to sustain growth for around 1 month.

  3. thanks for the info, i was just curious as to why i should run my 1,ooo hps instead of the 250 mh for veg? thanks for the feedback
  4. the red spectrum causes plants to stretch more but not in a bad way. the bigger the plant the more bud:D

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