what size light?

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  1. im working on my grow space the area is 2ft deep x 4.5ft wide x 4ft tall i was thinking a 400hps with about 4 to 6 plants
  2. A HPS is suppost to be the best bulb for high yeilds, and good strong buds:)
  3. I've heard they put a lot of heat out in a small area, so a good fan going out and one coming in would be needed for sure in my opinion. Just from what ive heard anyway, but wait and get some feedback from people that really know. Best of luck though to you man.
  4. That is a great deal on a ballast and bulb. Shit can the hood/reflector and buy this to go with that ballast:



    Kool Light Tube
    Large diameter (6") heavy-duty glass construction. Will fit all HPS and most MH bulbs. Chromed parabolic reflector directs light downward for horizontal applications, maximizing light use efficiency. (The external reflector can easily be removed for vertical applications and installation.) The best reflector for reduced heat build-up in the grow room—for healthier plants. Reduced ventilation requirements mean more efficient use of CO2 applications. Closer lamp to plant tolerance means bigger flowers, buds, and fruits. Numerous units can be installed in a series using only one intake and one exhaust for ducting to Kool Light Tube units. Less residual heat in the grow room after the lights shut-off.
    Now made with a removeable insert and reflector. The perfect choice for the colosseum.
    Now made with an adjustable mogul socket. The perfect choice for most bulbs. No BT-56 old style bulbs
    Glass Length 16 inches. Total Length 19 inches
    Great Price !!!Regular price: $59.00


    Can anyone beat that?

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