what size light?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hotdogz, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. for my next grow i will be useing a grow tent 120cm sq and 200cm tall i now a 600w is just right for th size of the tent but dont realy wana use all that leccy. so will a 400w be ok?
  2. 400 watt only cost 30 cents a day to run. a personal computer uses 35 cents a day. so a 400 watt hps costs $9.00 a month to run 2 would cost $18 a month
    very cheap and well worth it. dont be scared of the elec company seeing more useage and start asking questions. we live in a electric age so as long as u dont steal elec you will never be investigated.
  3. hydro is right .... and to be honest 120 cm sq (which is about 48inches squared for us americans hehe) is a little tight even for the 400 watter. a 250watter would be just fine for this amount of grow space, although if you planned on growing more later i would get the 400watter.

    good luck

  4. 30 cents a day god i wish i was in the US of A LOL

    it costs me loads more for leccy here in the uk

  5. a 250w just right for a 2ft sq space
    a 400w is just right for a 3ft space
    a 600 is for a 4ft sq space

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