What size diffy do I need for my sick new US Tube

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  1. US Tubes 7mm Bubble w/ Foot - White Label - Chico Kush

    There's the link it's a US Tubes 7mm bubble bottom and I want to put an all 18mm Alex k showerhead diffy on it will this work? I want the slide to be an 18mm as I have a small collection all this size. What size length wise though do I need to fit properly down into the beaker any reccomendatioms on exact model downstems to install? Thanks and happy toking :D
  2. It ses 14.5 slide in the description, on the page you linked.

    It allso claims a 18/14 diffuser, so if you can find the length of it, you could replace it with a 18/18 diffuser and still use your old slide collection.
  3. Yeah that's what I thought thanks man now does 18 to 18 just translate to an 18.8 mm downstem is "18/18" just saying that it's an 18.8 mm downstem?Any idea of length needed? And one more thing I have a roor carbon filter 18.8 size will I need the 18/18 diffuser to use the filter or will it work with the 18/14 diffuser that comes with the tube? Thanks a lot
  4. If you want to use your 18.8 slides/attachments etc, you'll either need to buy an adaptor, or replace the 18/14 downstem(diffuser).

    Deffiently wait till you recieve the tube, and can measure the actual lengthof the downstem before you order a new one, otherwise theres a very good chance you'll get the wrong length replacement.

    If you dont get an adaptor, and go for the replacement downstem route they'll be clearly labled from wherever you get them.

    Looks like a nice bit of glass man, very easy to clean. I'd deffiently be happy with something like that for my "dialy tube" :bongin:
  5. Thanks man + rep for the help

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