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  1. Imagine a fictional character. A fictional character that has about 2' x2' to 2.5' x 2' of available space for containers. This imaginary space is 4' x 2' total but has fans. The wall of the shower would be white and all.

    In this "space" the main character has been using no more than 4 plants, each in 2 gallon containers. The maximum height available to the plants in this fictional story is about 2' to 2.5'.

    To finish this part of the book the character needs to know if this is enough room for 3 gallon containers and would that be overkill for plants under 3'? Would 2 gallon pots be enough for a 2.5' plant with 4 tops?

    The space would JUST be enough for the 3 gallons while there is some elbow room with the 2 gallons.

    any input?
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    If you flower clones, you have a lot more control over their size than you do from seed because the clones are already sexually mature. If I were flowering a sativa in 2 gal pots, I would start flowering with 8" clones to wind up with 2' plants. Indica clones would start flower at 12".

    Personally, I would recommend 3 gal pruning pots for your grow. They're not big, and they allow the plant to make better use of it's root system. You will have no problem fitting (4) 3 gal pruning pots in that space. Search google shopping for pruning pots (or fabric grow pots), you can find them (4) for $20 or less, shipped.

  3. Thanks!! Would you do the light change at the same plant heights? 8" and 12"
  4. According to the conditions you listed, yes. I would also use pruning pots for best results.

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