what size carbon scrubber

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  1. what size carbon scrubber would i need to stop 9 plants from stinking up my appartment?
  2. It depends on the size of your grow room and how fast your exhausting (size & cfm of your fan).
  3. god i know it depends just give me a rough estimate pls. everytime i ask a question it always depends lol! 3x3x8 closet
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    it depends because the situation is different for everyone. Some people don't even need a carbon scrubber and can rely on incense or other alternatives, while others need a system of 2 or more.

    stop being lazy and asking "rough estimate" questions. look that shit up.

    i'd say on average, the people here know about 70 - 90% of the things they do simply by reading and researching for themselves what other people are doing successfully. The rest is made up in experience and making mistakes.
  5. none of the threads on them helped my question. google just gives me places to buy them. im not lazy i just need somone with experience to help me.. god everyone on this site has to be an asshole
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    i do apologize, it wasn't my contention to be an asshole. but you have to realize there are tons of guides on this website as well as others that has this information.

    there is also a search function on these forums
  7. i'm pretty sure that's right out of your mouth. "what kind depends..." ;)

    I bet you found that out by reading some kind of guide. hopefully not by asking another "rough estimate" question.

    again not intending to be an asshole, but certainly you understand how silly this is.
  8. lol i read all the carbon scrubber forums that came on the search. and that guy was asking a really big question. all i really want is a type of scrubber thats strong enough to stop the stink of 9 plants. just assume they are stinky ass plants and medium height. dude ive read at least 10000000 posts about growing but i didnt get the answers i wanted. basically i need to be sure that i can control the stink before i grow the plants. my questions a little less vauge then "i have a big ass basement and i know nothing about growing what do i need"
  9. In a situation such as this, and i take it you are needing something pretty quick?; I would just go for a small size one, and if it doesnt do the job, add one more. Trial and error is usually the best way to solve problems in the garden. Good Luck with your endeavors.
  10. yea sandman is right just start out with a small one and if it smells at all get a bigger filter, but just so you know it really does matter more about the size of the room and the size of the fan than it does about how many plants are in there when it comes to filter size.
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    200cfm fan and 200cfm filter to be safe. Hope this helps. Just make sure they both have the same cfm rating.
  12. none of the fans looked suitable to exhaust a carbon scrubber to me :rolleyes:. You need a serious fan than can overcome the vacuum in the room and pull air through the scrubber. Get a good can-fan or squirrel cage fan, not a PC style fan.
  13. ur closet is 72 cubic feet 3 x 3 x 8 = 72. Get a 4 inch inline fan 150-200cfm. get a small scrubber that will fit the 4 inch fan (if anything the scrubber should be about a foot long). 4 inch inner dia., 6 inch outer dia. you can either buy one from the store or buy some hardware cloth (like chicken wire screenish) buy a 6 to 4 inch reducer, a 4 inch end cap, 6 inch end cap, a 4 inch duct collar, and some clamps and activated carbon and nylon "sock" material or pantyhose (big size) and make your own diy filter that is allover the weed forums. problem solved.
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    Are you speaking to god, and if so... Did you just tell him im an a$$hole?? Not cool... LOL!

    If you can't handle the answer dont answer the question my dad always said... Chill out and take it as constructive critism... The best tip u'll ever get is to read, learn, and thats when you confirm you're answer with other people... We're all here for the same thing :hippie:

    ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING we'll ever need for our growing need is on the internet, I promise you. What happends when we get stuck usually means that we're asking the wrong question and/or the wrong way.

    I, myself am no expert at the whole vent system , but Im tryn to grasp the concept. I've seen and read these 10000 forums and I've seen a couple with exact formulas for converting the number that your looking for...

    Hope you still don't think we're a bunch of a$$holes! :smoke:
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    200 - 300 cfm fans even if they are non centrifugal will still work for carbon scrubers if they are made correctly, especially for ~9 plants.

    but your point is taken chem comfort, if you want to have a carbon scrubber that can kill smell in minutes then get your one of these guys


    how big of a room are you venting?

    you need an air intake and exhaust for your room, I pull air from outside into my basement and then vent the air through my 1000 watt and out into my basement, it does a great job heating my basement, while my room stays between 66-72 degrees. I have one Centrifugal fan pushing about 300cfm on my exhaust and a 300cfm "pc" style fan inducting air into the room, my room is about 7x4x7 it is air tight and that combo keeps everything nice and cool. those regular turbine fans do work well

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