What size bubble bags should I buy?

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  1. I'm in week 2 of flowering, second grow (1st real grow), everything is looking pretty much perfect (knock on wood). Growing 2x Nirvana Bubblicious and they should finish around 3ft. I want to make some hash from the trimmings but not sure if I should buy 1gal or 5gal bubblebags. Its not legal to grow in my state so I will never grow more then 2-3 plants so I wont need bigger bags in the future. What size should i get?

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  2. I've never actually done the process but I've been reading up on it a decent amount because I also will be using the bubble bags.. I'd say go ahead n get the 5 gallon bags bcuz it jus seems like 1 gallon bags would b kinda difficult no matter the amount of trimmings.. Good luck, take wut I said with a grain of salt..
  3. I guess I was kinda thinking that also because they are pretty bushy...any other input is appreciated...i attached a couple pics as to see their size.

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  4. As far as minimums go, 5 gallon is the smallest size I'd suggest using. The one gallons just aren't roomy enough, makes the process feel more tedious, and odds are if you're growing, and if you're interested enough in making your own hash to buy a set of bags, you'll probably want something a little bigger.

    One gallons are probably best for people who don't grow, and simply pick off excess leaf and frost trim from the bud they acquire, to make very occasional, small quantities.
  5. sounds great thanks for the help

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