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What size bong to get?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jordan, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. I want to get something big. I have never hit anything over about 2 ft. What is the difference between a 3 ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft bong? As the size gets bigger, does it hit smoother or harder (aside from the more smoke you get).

    Also for a big bong what is important? Should I get something wide, something straight or something like a zong? Should I get an ice pinch on something so big? Also what about something like a diffusor?

    Lastly at what size do they start tipping over and breaking alot? What is the best way to store/transport something that is lets say 4 or 5 ft?

  2. With a bigger bong you get more air with your hit and the smoke has space to spread so it hits better. A smaller bong will concentrate the same amount of smoke so it will hit harsher (assuming you sucked in the same amount of smoke as a bigger bong)
  3. I've always thought the ideal sized bong is about a foot long, and about 2 inches wide.

    That's my purple baby :)
  4. i live by the modo that bigger is better. I have a 3 footer and it way better than my friends 1 footer.
  5. i think 14-20" with a double bubbler is the best sized. hits hard and smooth, like a good beer.
  6. "the bigger the better..
  7. did you say 6 foot bong?
    six feet...
    Im like six two and i still cant figure out how to hit that! also, where is the bowl? if it's down low do you need someone else to light it? if it is up high you would need to fill it up high with water, so the size would be pointless. they could make it so the bowl is up high and then the tube that attaches the bowl to the bong is really long, but wouldent that be hard to hit with? I just realized that you could tilt it so you could reach the top but the whole idea of a 5-6 footer sounds stupid, like some rediculus novelity item. Why bother wit something so huge? why not just get something thats like 1-2 feet and just smoke from that?

    okay.. im done ranting, but really just buy something practical. and stay away from tubes, they are a pain in the ass!

  8. 6 ft is probably too tall, but 5ft i could hit fine. You have someone else light the bowl for you or you could use a really long stove lighter. I already have a regular 1 1/2' piece, but I think something that tall would have to give some crazy rips for every now and then when I am not in the mood to hit my ordinary piece.

    Just a thought...

  9. My biggest bong is an acrillic 18 incher, which is cool, since i can sit down and have it between my knees and not really need to hold it, just light it, but it does take a couple of hits to get going. i dont like anything larger than 2 foot tall
  10. I got a 2ft bong and it is the BEST! Me and my friends love it, except my one friend either always loses his hit or get the f-ing weed wet :( We use to have a tiny 5in one, its sucked plus it got smashed. I hit a 3ft one before, i just like the 2ft the best, just the right amount when u clear it.
  11. I agree with weed king. We are best friends so i hit outta the 2 footer. I think it is just the right size. He's right, my friend always loses the hit...always.
  12. i;ve got a four foot bong and its bad-ass!!!! Its fun trying to see my friends clear that bitch. the only thing that sucks is, is that you have to get someone to light it for you.

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