What size bed do you have???

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  1. Let GC know.....

    Mines a California King......shit gets lonely as fuck.....i need a gf :(
  2. Queen size temperpedic. I love my bed.
  3. Queen, only had it for a few weeks. Shit is so damn comfortable. It's perfect for me.

  4. Kind of ballin' though.

    I have a full sized bed
  5. [quote name='"ghostonvacation"']

    Kind of ballin' though.

    I have a full sized bed[/quote]

    What the fuck is a full-sized bed? Is it a full-sized single, double, twin, queen, king, etc.?

    Double here, but if I lived with a GF, it'd be a Queen.
  6. Double here.

  7. I guess a double
  8. Queen futon.
  9. I have a twin I believe, my dad bought a cali king pillow top and I swear I could live on that bed for the rest of my life. Wish I could have inherited it :(
  10. Full with a 4 inch memory foam

  11. Full = double apparently... I had never heard them called "double" before, I always heard them referred to as "full".

    Apparently both are correct. :p

    Mine is also a full/double. It sucks. I want a queen. :(
  12. Queen 2-inch pillow top along with couple of inches of memory foam.
    Its so hard to get out of bed sometimes. Great for sleeping, smoking, and fucking. :D
  13. Queen size bed that's 10" memory foam. Plenty of room for the man and I compared to his old bed that was a double. There just wasn't enough room for both of us and the cats before haha.
    We almost got a king sized bed but the house we live in wouldn't accommodate it so we have to wait until we buy our own house.
  14. Double bed, shit is decently big enough for me, but with another person in it, it would get tight.
  15. Twin does it for me just fine.....even for sex I reckon it would more than suffice...as for 2 ppl sleeping at night...probably not
  16. California king. My Doja and I and lay on opposite sides and still have more than 2 arm lengths between us. :)

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