What size and type of pot for outdoor?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by LionInTheJungle, May 6, 2011.

  1. Im setting up my first outdoor grow and cant find the right pot. In my area a 10 gal. is the biggest smart pot i could find. I cant dig holes where im growing. Im getting ready to use big rubbermaid containers.

    What size and type of pot should I use?:smoke:
  2. Well, where are you growing, and how big are your plants going to be?
  3. Im growing in a backyard and im gonna grow 2 girls using lst cause i want them to be wide with a max height of 5 feet.
  4. 5 gallons should be more than enough. Lmao you dont need more than a 10 gallon pot.
  5. You might not need more than a 10 gallon pot, but its not that much more expensive to go with say a 32 gallon bin from wal-mart.

    People looking for large outdoor plants will tell you that their holes/buckets are of a much greater volume than 5 or even 10 gallons. In terms of hole size a 2 cubic foot hole is roughly 15 gallons and thats not even very big compared to a lot of people's grows.

    You can get two of those bins, and enough soil mix to fill them for I'd guess no more than $50.
  6. Thanx Olesmokey good advice and ive been trying to save money any way i can.

    How big should the holes be on the 32 gal. bins?
    Should the holes be on the sides or bottom?
    What kind of soil mix do you use?

  7. Yeah your 100% wrong. I went 10 gallon this past time and I'm going at least 100 this next time. I have to feed 3-4 gallons every day in those black 10g pots. I had some 5-6footers in 3 gallons, transfered them to 10gallons, and now at the end of flowering and they are fucking ridiculous. I know they could easily be in a 30 gallon getting fed twice a week, but instead I have to feed them fucking 3-gallons EVERY day. EVERY FUCKING DAY. I should get a half pound per plant though so the effort should pay off.
  8. go with the space u have in the backyard.. i do 5gallons.. 5 gallons is enuff for me n most growers... sum like to go bigger, sum like to do 3gallons... really is up to u, n how much u want to spent...

  9. you put marijuana in a 5 gallon pot and let it go outside for 6 months? root bound much?
  10. I use 20gallon pots and they are pretty root bound when finished. The bigger the pot the bigger the crop is what i have learned.
  11. Bigger is definitely better. IMO 25 gallons is as small as you want to go for outdoor if you want it to be worth your while. Yield is directly proportional to the size of your root mass. More roots means more yield, plain and simple. I grow mine in 400+ gallon beds just to give you some perspective....

  12. What kind of yields you seeing with that? You grow 1 plant per 400gallons?

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