What size 420 Jar?

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  1. So I have fallen in love with the 420 Jars and have to order one, but I am really torn on whether I want to get a medium or a large. It says that the medium holds 1/3 ounce, and the large hold 1/2+ (I saw something that said it can hold almost 3/4). The reason I am on the fence is that I don't always have a 1/2 sitting around, usually that is the most I buy at one time, so I worry that if I get the large it will seem too big when my stash gets lower, but then I also worry about the medium not ever seeming big enough.

    Could anyone who has these sizes post some pictures so I can get a good perspective on how big the jars are? They have a little size chart on the website, but they are just being shown on a white background and it is hard to tell how big they will feel in real life.
  2. I just use airtight mason jars so I can't help you there, but I can say you want one approrpriately sized. If the jar is far larger than your stash it won't keep it as fresh; it'll dry out because of all the air in there with it.
  3. go with medium. if you have large and your low on your stash it will make it look even smaller than it really is :smoking:

  4. I did not know this. Learn something new everyday;)
  5. Kern mason jars are much better. You can find 420 Jars at The Container store for 1/4 of the price w/o the sticker they put on them.

    Just letting you know, but bigger is always better IMO. I had a few XL ones laying around the place.
  6. I found a jar shaped just like one of the 420 jars for 5 bucks at wal mart, sometimes you can only find em with candles in them, but its easy to clean out and get the smell out.

  7. i was going to check at walmart but i'm lazy
    i think im going to go get one though
    the pill bottles i get suck

    i wonder how they determined the weight (in ganja) you could fit into those "420" jars
    there wasn't anything listed about the volume?
    i think i know which one's ur talkin about. i would get the thc chemical one :D
  8. I really like that one, but I am going to go for the one that looks like an element on the periodic table and says Cannabis. But if I ever get another one I like the thc chemical one and the flammable one. (I may get a smaller one either the xs or the small for on the go with one of these logos) I am leaning at the moment toward getting a medium one, and if my stash is too big I can still put some in the wide mouth mason jar I am currently using. Anyone want to try to convince me of the large? I am still a bit on the fence, Radio Flyer, why do you say bigger is better?

  9. Two comments. One, is that Kern Mason jars AND Ball Mason jars are both equally as good. Secondly, why is a bigger jar better? IMO, one should get a jar as small as they can use. The smaller the better. The higher the weed to air ratio the better. Less air means less drying out, which is a good thing after your bud's been cured.
  10. Exactly. A jar should be sized to the amount one will keep in it. Otherwise it's worthless because it'll dry out just as quick as if you left it sitting out.
  11. The best deal on a jar that I ever got was a 420-style plastic sealed jar at Walmart for a $1.50. It holds probably 10 grams, perfect for a personal stash.

    Mason jars are impossible to beat for quality vs price. If you're paying any more, it's just for looks. Honestly.

    My favorite jars are the french locking jars that they sell at IKEA like the attached one. The large one is only $4 and holds more than a quap :D

  12. Yep. I pay $12 for a dozen quart sized mason jars. People pay over twice that for one '420 Jar' and they are no better for storage. It makes me LOL very hard.
  13. Yeah I know that my Kerr Mason Jar is perfectly good, but I just can't help but want one of those 420 jars. I actually just used some jars I had sitting around and figured out the fl. ounces which is also a measurement listed on the site, and the jar that I thought most looked like the one I would want was 10 fl. ounces, which is the large size. So I think I am going to go for the large, but buy a xsmall or small jar also to use when my stash gets low, so next question, xsmall (1/5 oz of herb) or small (1/4 oz)
  14. As long as you know you're paying ten times what it's worth and you still want one that's cool. It's your choice :)

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