What situation is the USA going to be in 10-15 years?

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  1. Title explains all. What is this country going to look like in 10-15 years? 20 years? 30 years?

    With all this tension going on, and corruption happening, what is going to happen?

    I suspect our country is going to break off and some states might succeed from the country
  2. Constitutional sized government or dictatorship.
  3. The same as when the year 1995 asked 'what happens in 10-15 years?'. Lots happened.
  4. If Ron Paul is elected a shining beacon to the rest of the world what true liberty can accomplish.

    If anybody else is elected I believe we will adopt National Socialism eventually. The Federal Reserve will continue to create massive bubbles and inflation that will be blamed on capitalism. So uninformed masses will call for more government involvement in the economy which will result in the further fusion of big corporations with government. Militarism will rise as politicians attempt to distract people from the loss of liberty at home. We will have "free college" and "free healthcare" but the quality will be atrocious. The democrats and the republicans will fuse eventually and we will have a one party state. Basically Nazi Germany.
  5. Basically a lot better or we'll end up with some kind of socialist government at the current rate things are going. Widespread discontent generally leads to the masses turning to socialism as a way to even things out and improve their lives.

    If the elite were smart they'd try to make things more equal on their own as true socialism would be bad for everybody.

  6. I don't think we'll see true socialism in the vein of Karl Marx in the United States, ever. I'm more worried about National Socialism taking root. A fusion of government and corporate interests, militarism, racial scape goats and a huge nanny state.

  7. I would distastefully flame you, but that's not in my character. I will encourage you to do a little research on the Family who's name graces the magazine you site as a source, their endorsement of the socialist utopias makes alot more sense after a little perspective is gained.

    Forbes family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Second Opium War (Arrow War) 1857-1858
    For the lols
  8. i dont know how to tell you this..but
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  9. president in 2024

  10. you don't want to imagine it.
  11. Whats that movie called again... Idiocracy! thats it!
  12. It's got electrolytes!
  13. If Ron Paul is elected we will be having economic growth. If anyone else is elected we will be in a deeper depression most likely. A 10 year depression is a pretty sure thing, but even 20 years is possible. The US Dollar definitely won't be the world's reserve currency.
  14. Ever see that movie The Road? Yeah, like that. :(
  15. :)

    I've actually just finished reading the book. I don't believe it will be that extreme.

  16. haha weird! im reading it now, almost done. charred baby on a spit.. its chilling.

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