what sites sell seeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by ugeman420, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. probaly the most posted questoin in this forum... but once again i am trr lazy to go and check cuz i'm lazy and stoned outa my aas.. ok well the stites are waht i'm looking for... what sites ssell seeds name as much as posbaible. and also dudes if you can refer otehr posts taht have this quesiton that be'd great tahnsk dude remember the sites taht sell them like .com and shits but if you knwo some dude thats giving them out for foree man tell me. dudes also thanks peace
  2. HIGH All, quess what ugeman420 I too am to fucked to help you search.

    Na just joking

  3. You are right, this is one lazy question especially since you can look about three or four posts down and see my thread with recommended seed sites.
  4. Hi ugeman420, my website is now up with links to reliable seedbanks.

    Feel free to check it out here: You must get permission from SJ before posting your site on his! BH

    I'll be adding more of BBP's site where the recommendations are!

    Stay Safe and Green!
  5. I have four strains from cannabis cup 2002, email me for more info and ill forward it to you.

  6. Have you asked SJ about posting your site on his? It is forbiden to do so unless you he has given permission!

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