What sites for seeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by kushkween6996, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I'm in the united states if that matters. just curious what sites anyone uses for their seeds? Thanks
  2. Herbies head shop
  3. Just checked it out. THANKS :)
  4. ive used maybe 4 or five times, last time i ordered a 3 pack of seeds and got 5 free ones, i can provide pics as proof :D
  5. last time was 4 days ago btw
  6. Really? So they're definitely the ones to order from?
  7. How was sshipping?
  8. is this site legit?
    what happens if seeds are confiscated, and how are they sent to you?
  9. Also wondering that
  10. Nirvana is a pretty good site to order from
    Usually ships 5-10 days.
  11. Herbies worked for me. Took like 2 weeks

  12. Attitude works as well, they have great promotions.  Shipped in a little tin wrapped in a dope t shirt.  Came in a little over a week.  Just need a credit card to order, my debit card didn't work.  I've even heard of people who didn't get good beans and they sent them more for free.
  13. Attitude and Herbies are the only two I've used. Recommend both.
  14. What about World Wide Marijuana Seeds
  15. Just used www.marijuana-seeds.nl and i'd recommend them.  Herbies headshop are decent, too. 
  16. I've never been sent seeds in any of the Described fashions but seriously what's your deal posting possible methods?

    Do you want to continue receiving them or not?
  17. +1 Attitude and Herbies
    Work for AliBongo by any chance? 7 posts, 4 listing Alibongo as the place to go and then 3 about Greenhouse. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but still....And Yes I have actually ordered from Alibongo in the past. They did what they were supposed to do.
  19. Attitude has the best freebies by far. 

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