what Simpson character are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by BillyBongThortn, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. this has probably been done before but anyway...



    You are Disco Stu!!
    You're cooler than everyone else, and damnit, rightfully so. You show off your sweet dance moves and speak old-school 70's style to impress others. No one can mess with Disco Stu, no one.


  2. i dont even drink!!!
    <font face="tahoma" size="4">I am Duffman!
    Which Simpsons Character are YOU?</font>

    aww mine doesnt have a picture
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Awww man....I'm Ned Flanders :p
  5. im Cletus...i hate him....i wish i was barney or something else.anybody but cletus.
  6. that was actually a pretty good quiz, and lots of different characters it seems. i thought it would be one of the main 5
  7. i'm barney!!!!!! rotflmao!!!

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  8. hahahah Cletus is cool!
  9. flanders? ... and im agnostic... go figure
  10. Radioactive Man. Woohoo.
  11. the bully?!? what?!?!? peace not war :p
  12. Cool, I'm Radioactive Man.
  13. I thought I'd be fink but I'm not

    <font face="tahoma" size="4">I am Dr. Nick Riviera!
    Which Simpsons Character are YOU?</font>

    I used to actually do the "Hello Everybody" just like him when I saw people. I could never get anyone to do the "Hello Dr. Nick!" back to me. :(
  14. i got duff man..... i dont drink.
  15. mebbe it's saying that you need to :)

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