what shows does gc watch ?

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  1. here are mine

    - southpark (all-time favourite cartoon)
    - breaking bad
    - house
    - weeds
    - the wire
    - criminal minds
    - the mentalist
    - dollhouse
    - parks and recreation
    - human target
    theres a bunch more that i cant recall right now

    lets hear what the city watches.....
    and also recommand a new show for me to watch with as much drug use as possible

  2. -archer
    -burn notice
    -boardwalk empire
    -game of thrones
    -the dating guy

    shows that are now ended:
    -king of the hill
    -that 70s show
    -arrested development
    -the pacific
    -moral orel
  3. Breaking Bad
    The Wire (just started it)
  4. i dnt follow anything on tv, more or less download an watch at my convenience, so my list from wat i can also recall involves: south park, weeds, superjail, workaholics, always sunny, tosh, and dbz

  5. i gave spartacus a honest try but it was ridiculous imo .. lmao actually very funny show
  6. South Park
    American Dad
    Pawn Stars

    Edit: oh and old futurama shows
  7. arrested development
    curb your enthusiasm
    30 rock
    south park
    breaking bad
  8. I don't watch a lot of TV but I like Weeds, Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, and Modern Family when I do watch anything other than movies.
  9. Southpark
    IASIP :hello:
    Fam Guy
    Anderson 360
    Daily Show
    Two and a Half Men
    The Office

    Check out workaholics, the new show on comedy central, it's like iasip in the first season.
  10. Arrested deveolpment
    The sopranos
    Boardwalk empire
    Criminal minds
    Law and order svu
    Iron chef
    Sex and the city
    Ghost adventures

    I used to like watching the history channel before they had all those bullshit shows on it like they do now
  11. honestly, if you haven't seen arrested development, check it out on hulu. fucking hilarious
  12. Two and a Half Men
    The Simpsons
    Family Guy
    Man vs. Food
    The King of Queens
    The Office (pre-Will Ferrell)
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    Seriously one of my favorite shows!! I love Tobias!!!
  14. LOST
    Family Guy
    Jersey Shore. haters gonna hate..
    Adventure Time!
  15. -American Dad(Got tired of Fam Guy)
    -John Oliver NY Stand up(Best fucking show ever!)
    -South Park
    -Any Stand up
    -Super Jail
    -Eagle Heat
    -The Colbert Report
    -The office
    -Parks and Rec
    -30 Rock
  16. Tom goes to the Mayor

  17. Is that the one like Tim and Eric show?

  18. Yeah except it's a cartoon and way more hilarious to me, especially the way the characters look. lol
  19. Trailer Park Boys! my favorite show to watch when I'm high, so much crazy shit happens lol.
  20. -breaking bad
    -colbert report
    -parks and rec
    -anthony bourdaine
    -three sheets
    -arrested development
    -jon stewart

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