what show are you watching right now?

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  1. homicide: life on the street
  2. if by right now you mean at the second well i am going to watch some arrested development but if you're talking about shows that i am in progress of watching there is:

    arrested development
    big bang theory
    weeds (duh)
    family guy
    south park

    thing is, for all of those shows except AD i'm up to date with their tv release so i can only watch them when they come out (am i the only one who thinks that 1 episode a week is bs)
  3. arrested devolpment is awesome.
  4. grounded for life.... uncle eddie is the man. always hiding his stash in his brother's house.
  5. Breaking Bad.unreal show recommend it to anyone!the main character is hal from malcom in the middle...so ya get on it!
  6. sons of anarchy
  7. arrested development
  8. the office, dwights the man
  9. The Cosby Show, man. Kickin' it old school.
  10. Everybody Hates Chris. xD
  11. I just finished watching After Armegedon on the History Channel. I learned a few survival techniques I had never thought of.

    After that, History Channel is showing Ancient Aliens from 11am cst to 9pm cst. My day is shot. I've seen them all. (no. fun to watch though)
  12. whose line is it anyway?
  13. It's in between shows right now, but I'm watchin the Power Block on Spike. I think Muscle Cars is next. :D

    however, I have the tv on mute; stereo playin the Alice In Chains: Dirt album, while hittin the vape bong. :smoke: :wave:

  14. Looks like I'll be watching Murder By The Book on Tru TV. It's on all day. Maybe pick up a few pointers here...
  15. forgot to mention, i watched that too :p can't wait for season 3
    I also watch dexter!

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