What SHOULD you be doing right now??

Discussion in 'General' started by PotPrincess.x0, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I'm at school and i'm in a pretty open program, so for the most part, I just work on my own time. Im in journalism and am constantly writing stories.
    I have been writing so much lately that my brain feels like mush at the moment, so of course, I wandered on to the city.
    I SHOULD be working on my stories, but stoner convo is so much more interesting to me right now :p

    What should you be doing when you are really on GC?
  2. I should be analyzing this Debussy nocturne.
  3. I should be sculpting my guns..

  4. I should be in english class, but I didnt do the hw which is why I didnt go because my teacher wont accept late work , but now instead of doing the hw im surfin the city. lol
  5. I should be listening more carefully to this lecture. I'm listening a little bit though so that's better than I've managed in previous years
  6. I should be going to class soon...and I will be.
  7. i should be studying for my comm exam thats at 130...
  8. should be in class, but i hate french.

    should be cleaning my room or something, taking a shower sounds good i guess or a cig iunno maybe grasscity browsing for a few hours..
  9. Im actually not supposed to be doing anything right now :) This is leisure time!

    I am however, waiting for the AC guy to get here. Its fuckin 85 degrees F in my house right now. Only like 5 degrees warmer outside!
  10. going for a run
  11. I should be in class, but I woke up way to late today.
  12. This IS what I should be doing. My 2 hour break on Tuesdays is grocery shopping time. Now I am just enjoying a sandwich and ****y chicken ramen before heading back to class.

    edit: Mods your going a bit overboard on the censorship...last time I checked, S-P-I-C-Y was not a vulgarity or a derogatory term.
  13. dont remember. errr. smoking another bowl?
  14. Working....:(
  15. I should be doing my online computer programming class that im 13 days behind on... i suck at life :(

  16. yeah but its got sp ic in it :D
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    Is that a bad word? I'm gonna have to search it. Never heard of it before.
    Is it a racist word?

    Edit: I found out. Never mind. Back on topic....

  18. i'm supposed to be in my journalism class right now:eek:
  19. i SHOULD be entering this stack of invoices thats sitting on my desk and writing checks.. but GC seem so much more fun..
  20. Yeah i feel you on that. I had to do a load of invoices yesterday....:eek:

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