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  1. Hey grasscity community! So with the help of this forum and some other online sources my friend went on ang grew his own marijuana! Everything went ok but i have one question! The buds were not too dense or too hmm.. howcan i say this, packed :p i mean they were more like leaves than this green pack most people have :p I dont know if i have put it clearly enough but i hope you understand what i mean! The taste is real good and the high is just mellow not too strong but gets the job done. All in all for a first grow we are quite happy but i just wanted this clarification if aynoe knows why it did not get dense or packed! Thank you in advance
  2. What set-up was he using?

    He may not of had enough light for them if he grew indoors. If he grew outdoors, could have been a nutrient problem.
  3. Lots of things lead to denser buds!

    Different nutrient formulations. Molasses, more light, different spectrum of light, better soil, great watering schedule, good genetics.

    In my experience most fluffy buds come from not enough light.

    But yeah, would like to know the setup too :)
  4. Lack of light, Harvesting prematurly, no proper nutrients were used. lack of water.

    lots of things could lead to non dense nuggets
  5. Wow thank you all! I don't know what lights he is using but the nutrients and the soil work guaranteed as we bought them at another friend's advice who has grown a couple of times and he has produced some good stuff! Also he helped about the quantities of the nutrients and i don't think he screwed up the water schedule. Anyway thank you all for the advice we will take everything into conideration for the next grow!

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