what should my ppms be?

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  1. I am just getting into 18 days veg and am planning on draining my 55 gal reservoir for the first time, Cleaning it out, and doing a 15 min flush(flood and drain) with tap water as i'm assuming that this would help remove any salt buils up in the buckets or on the roots. The tap water had been sitting with an air stone in it to help with chlorine evaporation. I do have RO water on stand by for the res after the tap is flushed and drained.The ppms are currently around 1000 and I am wondering if I should increase them to around 1300, keep them the same or decrease them. Also should I be following the flora feeding chart or be adding nutrients at say 50% of the recommended amount. All the plants are 12-16"at this point so I want to do another week of veg max so I figured the transition week on the flora feeding schedule would be a good choice. I'm just not to sure as this is my first hydro grow and am not to confident Please help as any input would be valued. If there its something that I have posted in plan that is not correct or should not be done please let me know
  2. 1000-1300 in veg is high. I'm running 500 with excellent results. I think you should back your PPM down to the 500-800 range.

    I use flora series too, and I usually load my DWC at 50% and check the ppms. From there you can change it.

    You should take pictures and post them of your plants. High ppms can cause problems, but if you're not having any, there's no reason to change.
  3. Thanks for the advice the plants look great add you can see from the photos. I did actually drop the ppms to around 800 from 1000 when I drained and refilled the reservoir. I ran with 65% of the recommended flora nutrients, but applied 100% of the recommended calmag. The plants will be switching to a 12/12 at some point this week.I'm thinking around Friday.that will give me 25 days in veg with the smallest plant being roughly 18".

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  4. I keep mine around 800 also..
  5. There is no set number to run your ppm/ec at. It will widely depend on the plant itself, environment, and amount of light. If you're not seeing sighs of burns you're most likely good to go.
  6. Per Weedfarmer at Cannabis Nutrient Disorders

    A general guideline for
    TDS levels is as follows:
    seedlings = 50-150 ppm; unrooted clones = 100-350 ppm; small plants =
    400-800 ppm; large plants =
    900-1800 ppm; last week of flowering = taper off to plain water. These
    numbers are just a guideline, and
    many factors can change the actual level the plants will need.
  7. I would do a res change using lucas formula, 0-8-16. It's good to lower the nitrogen before flowering, and this way you won't need to do another res change for the rest of the duration (unless you really want to) if you use the 100% top up method. You'll be at 940~ppm (or 1300 @ 0.7)and it's a good transition into flower.

    The slight clawing looks to be excessive nutrients, but you cut them back so that's good. It could also be caused by nitrogen abundance (nitrogen claw). Either way the best solution is switching to the lucas formula

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