What should my next led light be?

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  1. Alright so I am thinking of purchasing a new light for my 3x3 garden. I have two 300 watt leds, 1 generic popular grow and 1 old white mars hydro. They aren't the best and are consuming close to 300 watts and I don't think these two lights are capable of really producing.

    So should I cough up 500$ for the Platinum P4-XML2

    An AMARE ss150 $380

    or MARS 700 for 275$

    What do you guys think? Is the extra money worth it? Platinum says that the P4 is a 3x3 killer but I've seen some decent grows with AMARE products and a bunch of Mars supporters.

    I just really want REAL advice with REAL results before I make a REAL purchase lol

    Thanks guys
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    I'm all for Amare. Come by my thread. It's called "My Amare & Hydroponics Hut OC GG #4 grow". There's so many reasons to go with Amare over any other light I can find on the mkt.
  3. Strip the MarsHydro 300w old model and use the drivers, fans etc to convert it to Cree xcb3590 COB's. It will change your life!
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  4. I just bought amare 450, but they are on a back order atm :(. Also, they are having a 420 sale if you email them, not sure if they have it on their site. Not sure when it will end.
  5. Call me crazy but I would never spend 1200$ on an led light, the profit off those cob lights is insane.
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  6. All about what you want out of a light I guess. I have 2x CLW 440, they have the UVB with them. I wanted to try cob, but I wanted to try and get a light that would go with my current set up. I liked how many cobs it has, but it also has multi colors going around the cobs as well. So you get the full specturm. And it also has a UVB bulb like my CLWs.

    Also the unit is a 500 watt unit with 5 year warrenty. You get what you pay for, it's an investment yes, but pays for it's self.
  7. True, I got the watts and warranty part but I guess if I'm spending that much cash on only 500 watts I would just go for HID lighting. I think I am just going to run a 400 watt cool tube. It seems led is just not yet affordable. I could spend 350$ on a platinum 300 and yield shit or spend 200$ and yield a pound with a 400 metal halide/hps system.
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    Yeah you can do that. I got a 600 watt HID only an ipower closed air cooled I yanked it right out too much heat. I save more on it being 40-50% less energy use plus my Ac doesnt kick on like it used to so I save there. Right now my 2 calis running now in veg mode, using around 400ish watts, that right there is 35$ a month (Have a meter).
    But again AC doesnt kick on either, and if I run co2, I prob dont need the AC unit at all.

    Doesn't help now, but during winter I will do some test grows of the amare vs 600 watts (Need the warmth). But again going for multi specturm as well. That was a big plus with me if you look around them cob lights in the center theres red and blue in there. That along with the UVB(I really do think this stuff works) it goes well with my set up.

    But I hear you, but for me you dont need to replace bulbs, dont need to switch out bulbs, use a lot less power, and you save in the end with yearly costs to run. And the first grow you do you can get that back.

    Also if you go by this (Helped me understand a lot of other things) LED Grow Lights - Getting Started Guide | Grow Weed Easy, they seem to think LED produces better bud. From the trics to the dense. Take it for what it is, but I messed with my HID a little bit didnt like. But every ones got different needs.

    Also you can not go off of "watts" with LED. They are not HID, you go off their parwatts and their outputs. I feel good that the amare 450 will win against 600 watts. Theres a thread about it some where.

    Here it is. Comparing their smaller unit to a 600 watts. Ideal Hybrid Lighting System
  9. Thanks for the whole response, really appreciate it. Led works I agree, I got over 3 zips on a crappy Mars 300 with no nutes, just soil and water. I really like Amare but they are pricey.

    I purchased this light(New 800W Reflector COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Plant Growth Hydroponic Lamp) thinking that it would be a good deal. I ran it for less than 30 days and it honestly did very good, it's rated at 18,000 lumens which is very good but they say the PAR at 2ft is only 340 at dead center, and 1400 at one foot. Now those numbers are very skeptical because they are the exact same as their 300watt led and I doubt that the 400w being pulled out of that cob are being diminished that much in less than a foot, in terms of PAR.

    I just really need a new system, I wish I had a PAR meter so I can test it myself, otherwise I am sending it back and getting my 200$ back.

    I see your point about the bulbs and cost of the lamp, that's why I was so interested in led, I thought no ducts, no inline fan and less heat would make it easier and it so far has but I am starting to feel that I am going to need to start shedding too much cash.

    Right now I am considering

    A.) keeping the cob and running it into the ground and then later replacing the lights with Cree Cob lights

    b.) returning it and grabbing a 400 watt HID, fan, and duct

    c.) returning it and bidding on a MArs 700

    d.) Returning it and purchasing one p300 until I can buy another one.

    I hate the unknown factor about LEDS, there is not enough information on the internet. All it ever is

    "Mars sucks, platinum is better" or "leds suck, go HID'
  10. See thats the thing with LED you gotta do more research to really know what your money is going into. Like I dont really see what they are running on there.

    My rule of thumb is stay away from any thing that you can find on alibaba. 90% of the time it's a chinese knock off with a reprint on it. 800w Reflector Cob Led Grow Light-800w Reflector Cob Led Grow Light Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on Alibaba.comLED Grow Lights

    Your light looks like its in there for 300$. If you want a good cob go with the 3070 or 3090(just bigger mostly) and get a meanswell drivers on it.

    And if you are looking to get an LED it does take a little bit to get the mumble jumbo down but its well worth the time to learn it. This guy here does a great job on getting you started if thats a route you wish to venture more down.

    And yeah LED is an investment but not just money, your time as well. Thats the other down side... The market is flooded with a lot of chinese knock offs =/

    Sorry I dont know any thing about Mars, I read mixed things on them, but I wanted to go another direction. I had a list of around 10 LEDs I was liking but in the end its what works for you and what you can make work the best. :)
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  11. The light you purchased looks to have a good spectrum and though it is advertised as 800 watts (4 200 watt cobs), based on the actual current draw it's running @ 405 watts = cobs are being ran @ around 50% (around 100 watts). Now that is a good thing because the efficiency drops off with when driven hard plus less heat, less electricity and the cobs will last longer (100,000 hours vs 50,000 hours).

    That said I built a 8 Cree cob array pulling 398 @ the wall and it grows beautiful girls. Here's what Cree can do for you.
    White Rhino 65 days and will be harvested this Sunday.
    IMG_20160421_145445.jpg IMG_20160421_145453.jpg DSC_0061.JPG
    Oh,one more thing, I have a P600 light and it is a good light, for the same money you could build a great light and they're pretty easy to do.
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  12. I have a small electric background but I know the cree cobs go for around 55 bucks which aren't bad. Do you have any DIY write ups by any chance?
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    You can build an array pretty cheaply but cheap means it cost more to run. You can get Arctic cpu heat sink and fan combos for around $10 each the cobs you can get for as little as $22 if you go with the CXB3070's (that's what I'm running) or the CXB3590's for the $55 as you mentioned, drivers will run you $60 each (1 driver per 4 cobs), misc parts $100. My light is set up on a passive heatsink measuring 40"X12" and that would run you $250ish but I don't have to run any cooling fans=less electricity.

    You will need to drill and tap the hs's to mount the cob but that's easy, just take your time and don't force it when taping and use cutting oil. It's very easy to snap off the tap and you really don't want to do that.

    There's plenty of video's on building a grow light on youtube, check em out. And if you decide to build one I will hook you up with my supplier in China. Most of the guys that build lights knows of this guy and uses him. His name is Jerry @ Kingbrite
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  14. Pretty shots. And yeah dyi def the best deal, one day I hope to mess with it.

    If you are interested in dyi 100% check this video and all of his videos. If you got the time to learn and go dyi you will def get more bang for your buck and get your needs. Best luck.

  15. Thanks, I returned that light just because it was a no name and the company had no PAR data to back up their claims. I will probably build a light in the future but for now I'm just going to use cheap Mars to become familiar with use of Led.
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  16. Yep Mars will get the job done. And yeah if you are in no rush I would learn a lot about dyi if that's in your tool set. I seen some really cool ones even water cooled. But too much going on for me to be able to tinker with it so for me amare fit.

    Best luck on your grows :)
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  17. [​IMG]Platinum!!! p300 in a 2x2 killllsss it :D one blade to another.

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