What should my first piece be?

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by houdini5, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Have been smoking for a while now, but I do not have my own piece. I have smoked all sorts of things from bongs to steamrollers, so I know how to use pretty much anything. I was just wondering what you guys think I should get. I was leanijg towards a bubbler, but I heard they are a pain to clean.
  2. A bong, a large glass on glass bong.
  3. Bong, but if you can't afford a bong (because they can get pricey) I HIGHLY recommend a bubbler.
  4. I may be in the minority but if you can't get a niice glass on glass bong, get a nice steamroller. It isn't filtered like a bubbler, but personally I find my steamroller gets me higher for the amount of weed than anything else.
  5. A volcano. Definately a Volcano;)

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