What should I watch on Netflix?

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    I love comedies, but have watched to much stand-up.. Could be down to watch a stoner movie, but then again, i dont really care. Not looking to get into a show, unless theres one thats better than Trailer Park Boys.. (more of an opinion) Please dont name any obvious things like Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Family Guy.. Any recommendations?
  2. I know you said you are tired of Stand up, but you gotta watch Doug Benson: Doug Dynasty and Tom Segura: Completely Normal. If you haven't already that is.
  3. I watched doug but i dont think.ive watched Tom.. Ill check it out, thanks ;)
  4. Life unexpected for sure ! I did and it was the best luck I had by choosing it for watching
  5. Trailer park boys in the north pole or whatever its called just got put on netflix! :)
  6. Ive watched all 8 seasons of trailer park boys.. Best show ever

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