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What should i use to get high tonight?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brian1671, May 9, 2011.

  1. the last one fa sho
  2. whichever one you feel you haven't used in awhile. switch it up tonight. :smoke:
  3. gravity bong!
  4. Well i tried a gravity bong for the first time about 30 mins ago... I'm pretty fucking high! :smoking:
  5. Tried a gravity bong today as well and im fucked
  6. All of the Above.
  7. i have been taking gravs for years and years, there my old fashion but im a tube guy now threw and threw
  8. Your glass bong.
  9. Go for the bong, it never lets me down. =)
  10. Dude your sig is way to big resize it please
    Have I already said that today? Probably

    But op I would use the mflb just cause I have never vaped before, otherwise just straight bong it:bongin:

  11. ye im feeling the gravity bong its been sitting away for a few weeks it needs some use
  12. edibles. let me get some rep up in here :cool:
  13. I'll go for the bong since I just smoked mine and feeling pretty stoned at the moment...

  14. Stfu. Edibles are a waste of precious bud.

  15. im gonna have to respectfully disagree with that statement
  16. man wtf :confused:
  17. grapefruit bong. It is fruity! yum
  18. Roll a big ole cone mon.

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