What Should I Use My Paycheck On?

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    Well I've come to another hard decision in my life, where I must choose what to use my money on. I have a small paycheck of 150 dollars(Dunkin Donuts) and obviously I'm not gainfully employed(In Highschool) so I have no means of any other income. I really want to get these new speakers and headunit set for my car, but then again, I love weed. What the hell should I do? Stay faithful to mary jane or spend my money on materialistic bullshit.
    Any thoughts would be welcome,

  2. Save it and stay in school. Side note dunkin donuts coffee is bomb

    See you next year.
  3. $150 won't get you shit if you're looking into getting car audio.
  4. Then you spend it all on hookers and blow.
  5. you can always wait till the next two weeks to get whichever you don't choose on buying now
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    GTA V of course
    and spend the rest on buds to smoke while u play 
  7. what kinda car you roll? if its anything useful, you will save your money and get coil-overs.
  8. Weed won't last, but neither will a cheapo speaker
  9. La ganga, some food, an outfit, and gas. You're set. 
  10. Use half on some good bud that will last til payday and save the other half and use with next check on speakers.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.

  11. Just bank it. Stack stack stack mane

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    Problems I wish I had! :p
    Weed is always a fun investment  :D you'd be doing yourself a favor to start saving a bit though. I guarantee you won't regret it.
    Edit: OP got the axe already. They go quick!
  13. You shouldn't definitely invest it. It's so nice to have a little bit of savings when you get out of high school. Regardless of whether you go to college or start working it would be more useful

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  14. you need to save your money. i got my first job at jack in the box in high school. blew every single paycheck up until i quit. then went through hell just to get start up money for another job. save your cash dont blow through it. anything you buy is bullshit that you dont need. including weed.
  15. Save half, spend the rest on weed
    Use MJ to your advantage. Buy like 3 grams of some good mids and save the rest and keep adding on.  Have at least a $1000 saved up before you do any spending 
  17. All business men know this, 
    Whatever you earn, You ALWAYS, ALWAYS save at least 10 %. That is , if you are getting cash regularly.
    However for your case, I would save it. This is coming from someone who has blown thousands on bud man, I'm telling you, I haven't gone anywhere,  I had fun and all that, but it didn't advance me financially or anything.
    Save, Save, save, Save, then buy  a little bit of bud, blaze, and stare at all the cash you saved up for 2-3 months. Then you will be laughing. Being broke is the worst thing man, you HAVE to save. Then you can spoil yourself a bit but save at least 20-30%. 
    This will help you in the future, the habits you set now will either break you or make you later on. 
    I have 120 $ bucks right now, and I'm not buying bud (even tho i'm out and have been smoking regularly for years). I'm saving that shit.
    Everything in life is a cycle, will you elevate yourself? Or break down and have to restart the cycle all over? 
    Think about it. 
  18. "If you have to wait until your paycheck to eat out, you still can't afford to eat out" - Someone I heard talking to someone else. 
    Save that shit 
  19. :yay:
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    Are you serious fuckin save it dude. Don't ask a forum for stoners what you should spend your paycheck on

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