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  1. I have had a crush on this girl for a while now, she asked me if i wanted to hangout on the weekend, we met up at a party and eventually left to my best friends house (just the 3 of us)

    When we got there we smoked a bunch of weed, then some other drugs entered our noses. As we were setting up the beds she invited me to lay next to her.

    We put on "In rainbows" by radiohead (her favorite album) and as we started to trip harder we held each other and cuddled for the length of the album, then out of no where she begins to cry really hard, I ask her whats wrong and she says that shes scared so i held her really tight till she calmed down, brought her some water and food.

    I felt wierd about getting back in bed with her so we slept on separate beds for the rest of the night, in the morning she apoligized for freaking out and said "I dont know why I cried like that"

    I really like this girl alot, we have alot in common but ive never been with anyone else before this, any advice?
  2. just do what one would normally do, pursue her?

    not a big deal if she cried, maybe she was having an emotional moment, she is a girl after all.

    i say invite her to hang out or maybe take her on a date?
  3. that doesnt sound like a bad situation. your both into drugs so that makes it kinda easy. impress her with your bud!
  4. ask her for some chill time, maybe exclude the non-cannabis drugs, and keep thuggin'
  5. Dude this girl seems straight. If you keep getting good vibes, I say continue to see her. You have to decide though, do you want to hint to her that you like her, or let her come to you? Both options are risky, but your the one who knows her, and the situation.

    So its your call.'
    All the best/
  6. Keep smoking until everyone is naked, then fuck like animals!
  7. thanks guys, im gona ask her to chill again next weekend
  8. why is she in bed when theres sandwiches to be made is the greater question

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