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What should i smoke out of?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ReflexezMMG, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. i just got this "new" glass bowl (spoon) today, and i also have my old bong.
    what would you smoke out of? New Glass Bowl vs Old Bong i've been using for a while.
  2. try hitting the new peice and if ur healthy go hit some bong
  3. You got a new bowl, smoke with that at least a few times. Use whatever device you feel like using.

    Or use an old crack pipe so you get the resin from that and get super ultra mega stoned.
  4. Pics or it didn't happen... Lol jk new glass man! Why would you buy something new and not use it?

  5. i'm askin this because like my new piece hits harsh kinda and my bong its smooth.
  6. You have to christen your new piece and name it. After that use whatever you want. usually bongs are used for staying in the same place, usually at your house, and pipes are for traveling for quick on the go toking. bongs usually hit nicer too.:smoke:

  7. That's why I got my bubbler! A portable water filtered smoking device. I named her Bubblebeam but to get back to the point, I would use the new piece if you want to take your time getting pretty stoned. I always like sitting around smoking a bowl nice and slowly. But if it's giving rough hits I would just smoke whatever I preferred :) Or have a bowl of bong AND your new piece!

  8. alright say you have about a little bit but a gram left, would you pack the whole gram or split it half a g so you could get 2 bowl packs?
  9. Smoke the new peace man, Whenever I buy a peace I always rush home to use it. I smoke out of my bong the most, but I still smoke every week from the old glass spoon ive had for years now.

  10. yeah i smoked the new piece, and i got pretty stoned off 2 bowl packs.
  11. ^^^ thats what its all about

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