What should I smoke from?

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    I'm going to start smoking soon and I don't know which way I should do it. I have absolutely no experience. I've heard that bongs waste weed (not sure if that's true). A joint seems like a good idea but I feel I would mess it up completely. Smoking from a pipe seems easiest to me but can anyone give recommendations? {Edit: I have to be able to get it off amazon or not from a company because it's not legal}
  2. Go with king size cones made by Raw. I use the cone tool and it makes for a no hassle experience. My Roor bong is my second go to if I just want to catch a quick one.
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  3. Have you got high before through edibles? or is this you first time getting high. And bongs save weed if you're comparing it to a joint. I would recommend a small bong, but that's just because I don't like pipes.
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  5. i like joint best and then bong. i dont like pipe
  6. Joint for better taste and better high, pipe for saving weed.
  7. Bongs DO NOT waste weed. THC is not water-soluble, so it won't be absorbed into the water. And if it did, it's such a small amount that it doesn't even matter. Joints/Blunts on the other hand waste a bunch. They always stay burning and in my opinion, don't give you as strong as a high. But, they are very relaxing to smoke. Actually? I'll make a pro/con thing for each.

    ~W A T E R P I P E S~
    -Really strong high from the bigger hits that you will be getting
    -Smoother hits
    -Lots of variety when it comes to choosing one
    -Relatively easy to smoke from
    -Best flavor
    -No ash or weed getting into your mouth while smoking

    -A lot of coughing can come with it if you take big hits
    -Not very portable (unless you get a silicone one like myself ---> search 'roll uh bowl' for more info)
    -Can be expensive
    -They smell bad after a little bit of use
    -Difficult to clean

    ~J O I N T S / B L U N T S~
    -Very relaxing to smoke
    -Ultimate Portability
    -Joints have good flavor, but can be bad depending on the paper, or if you put tobacco in it or not (aka, a spliff)
    -Easy to share
    -Easiest way to smoke
    -Papers are mad cheap
    -No clean up
    -A lot of the material gets wasted from the constant burning that goes on
    -Won't get you too high unless you chug on it
    -Blunts can be a bit harsh
    -A bit tricky to learn how to roll—but you can also purchase pre-rolled cones that you stuff your bud into (what I use personally)
    -Can smoke poorly if not rolled good enough
    -Smell will stick to you if not careful

    ~D R Y P I P E S~
    -A lot of different types of styles
    -Very Portable
    -Easy to clean
    -Most efficient way to smoke if conserving weed is a problem
    -Easy to hide
    -Little-to-no smell when put away
    -Harsher hits
    -Chance to breathe in ash or weed if sucking too hard (you can buy filters or screens to put in your bowl to prevent it)
    -Friends might slobber on the mouth piece

    That's about all I could come up with! There are also vaporizers that you could look into, but I'm not very knowledgeable on those.

    Happy smoking!
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  8. I think a pipe would be the worst way to go. If it's your first time or you haven't done it in a long time then i would suggest just smoking a blunt or joint because it's gonna be a lot easier and easier hits. A bong is gonna be really harsh on a beginner
  9. A creek.

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  10. Says the beginner.

    If you proceed with caution, a bong filled with ice water or hot water can be far smoother than a joint or blunt (tobacco leaf).
  11. Not everyone is going to go buy a bong with the notches for ice for their first time.
  12. The good ole fleshpipe??
  13. I took my first rip out of a gravity bong homie, it doesn't really matter one way or another.
  14. i have always preferred a nice glass pipe! X3X3
  15. Just do every method you can come across. Until you find what suits you.

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