What should i say to my psychiatrist to get a script for some benzo's ?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Litox, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Many people around me already think im depressed (Im obviously not its just the way i am i am a very happy person and i love my life) and they want me to go so a shrink at first i loooked at this like a negative but now the more positive sides are comming out so what should i say to my shrink to a scrpit for some benzo's (Xanax bars pref) thanks in advance everybody :) !
  2. look up depression symptoms and tell them to bullshit your shrink
  3. They aren't going to just give you benzos unless you can really, really convince them that you have terrible anxiety that really fucks you over in family/social situations. They don't generally hand out scripts for benzos for depression, so start looking up generalized anxiety disorder or something.

    You sound quite young, IMO, and this is just playing with fire. Good luck. Make sure you can keep your lies straight.

    And if by some chance you're under 18 they will talk to your parents.
  4. 18 exactly and i was looking around and you are completley right it is really really hard to get them perscribed unless you actually have the symptoms i can get them easily from a few of my hookups just thought it would be cool to have them for free :) dunno ill try it and see what happens
  5. It won't be the first med they will give you. They will mess around with MAOI's (anti-depressants) first probably.

    Benzos usually arnt prescribed quickly because of the abuse and addiction potential.

    Every doc is different though.
  6. yeah if they happen to give you antidepressants don't fuck with them at all. just toss them and say they didn't work
  7. say you have anxiety attacks and dont pick your drugs
  8. go in there with some scars on your wrists
  9. Alright, a doctor usually never prescribes benzos at first..
    Like what morrowb said, they usually start the MAOI's first and you'd have to try them out for awhile and hopefully you get to the benzos path. It also can takes weeks/months to get that spefic benzo you wanted.

    IMO, if your don't really have the condition.. It's just a waste of time and you'd be better off buying them on the streets.
  10. social anxiety

    thats what i said

    but i played my guy well
  11. I disagree with what you're trying to do, but it's not my place to judge, but I'll give you a little bit of advice.

    Research. Research. Research. Chances are these doctors have called out more phonies looking for unnecessary drugs than you know people. Know what you are talking about, practice the routine, and keep it the same every time. If they get the slightest idea that you might be doing this they'll drop you in an instant.

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