What should I say if questioned?

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  1. Yesterday my mom walked in to my room after I smoked and my room didn't air out completely. She said it smelled funny and then it smelled like smoke. But then she said nothing else the rest of the day.


    So if she asks me today what made my room smell weird, what should I say caused it?

    So far I have two stories that I thought of. One, a dust clump got stuck in my laptop's fan, got hot, and created the smoke smell. Two, my boyfriend smokes an occasional cigarette, he had a craving, was embarrassed to let my mom see him smoking, so he smoked in my room.

    Can anyone else help me think of why my room would smell "funny" and "like smoke"?
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    id go with the bf/cig thing for sure, but assuming your parents grew up in the 70s...(jus takin a random guess) i think they'll know your lying. they probably already had a talk about it and everything, haha
    reminds me of the days we'd blaze at my friends house, the mom would come down "nick it smells sweet in here"
    haha, funny shit
    good luck with your storytelling and hope it works!
    btw, what are the consequences if they do in fact come to the agreement that it smelled like "WEED!"
  3. Dude, take it from another parent, mom ain't stupid, I always tell my kids, "if i ask you, chances are i already know the answer". If she ask, just explain to her that you are over 18 and you were smoking weed and why you believe there's nothing wrong with it, and if she prefers that you don't smoke it or bring it into her house then respect that. If you lie and she knows the truth you risk looking like an idiot and she will be pissed that you have insulted her intelligence.
  4. The cigarette story seems more believable and it's partly true. But I hope she doesn't pull "were the REAL cigerettes?" type of thing on me.
  5. This is your best bet. Print out some facts and show them to her.
  6. i agree w/ buddah im not a parent but i know for a fact 90% of the time my mom asks me something like that she knows for a fact wether i was high or drunk she just wants to see what kind of stupid excuse i try to come up with or if i`ll just come clean
  7. Honestly, there are a lot(as in majority) of parents who think their kids are angels who would never touch drugs. Lying can easily work as long as your parents fall into this category. Honestly, my mom smelt an empty weed bag, found my cannabutter, and even noted that my backpack smelled funny. Even with all this evidence she truthfully didn't expect a thing. I only recently notified her about the reason for all those smells.

    Honestly u should just blow her off. Just say "mom, wtf, i dunno why it smelled, shit smells sometimes stop giving me so much heat"

    Kinda kidding but kinda not, i feel that sometimes not saying anything is better than lying. Try chaning topics in a crafty way too.
  8. Just say you forgot to clean your vagina, it'll be so awkward she'll just back out of the room.
  9. Yea this always works for me.
  10. Tell her you had your window open while someone was barbecuing and all the smoke came in
  11. i almost volcanoed my bubbler when i read that

    but yeah id just come clean with it, if your age shes gotta respect it
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. Luckily she never asked. If she knows, she's being quiet about it. I'm not going to bring it up.

    If the next few days go by without question, I know I'm okay. This morning she found out she lost her job working at a school due to budget reasons and her mind is focused on that and trying to find a new job.
  13. Shes obviously having a bad day, do something nice for her, it will go along way.
  14. Agreed. I just usually offer my mom a bowl. Sometimes she takes me on the offer, other times she passes.

    But that's our relationship. It's always different for other peeps.
  15. Fuck it seems like I can hide anything from other people but not my mom. She raised me and knows me too well to know when I'm not sober haha. I usually try to keep it low-pro around her and won't go home all stupid high.

    Good luck wit your mom. If you do tell her the truth hopefully she'll take it kool. :)

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