What should I possibly do with $17k?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. I'm not one to boast so don't take it that way, I'm just an extremely wasteful and want to use this best as I can. Next April, as said in the title, I get ~17k left to me from a trust which I can finally open. You'll probably see me make this same thread next year but I atleast need an idea of what I'm getting. I could either spend all of it and live everyday in materialistic bliss or I could invest it, I'm open to both Ideas.

    The first thing I must get is my grow set up. I was going to have a 1000HPS system for most likely a SOG room. I've only heard good things about LEDs but haven't looked into them too much yet, I plan on making 3-5 individual cabinet setups as well. Each cabit will be home to a different style genetic, example: My 100% indicas, then my hybrids working down to my 100% Sativa Landraces. In all I hope to spend 3,000 to 5,000 on my op.

    Second I need a car, but theres no sense in looking for that now. I plan to spend 3k-4k on this.

    That brings me down to ~10k and for fun time.

    New computer, either my build or another Alienware
    PS3+games (1k?) Dont tell me to get a 360, I don't need one with a top notch comp
    Wii+games (500?)
    New (i?)Phone
    HD TV (Who knows how much this will be then. So long it's 30"+ and 1080p idc)

    Computer will be 3k-4k (5k if I get alienware), for my gaming fix, which I must tell you I'm a gaming junky.

    This will leave me a couple grand in the bank/to live off if I must. I might throw one vacation in there but thats risky.

    It sounds so stupid to spend that much money, what will most likely be in a couple days, except for what I'm saving. But as long as I have a roof over my head and my grow op I'll be content, but the only thing that gets me wanting is video games, so with those three things I don't think I could be more happy, I could finally be content. No longer will I see Bioshock, CoD4 or Assassin's Creed and want to cry, not only that but I would stick my face into assorted jars of heavily heavy hitting strains. Plus I'd have a car, which I've never had.
    I've never had any of this kind shit, most people think its a waste, god, my parents want to kill me but theres not a day I wouldn't take this granted, it's just everything that makes me happy that I can finally have in one chunk. THE most imporntant thing to realize though is now I never have money. Almost everything I have goes too weed. (Reasonably of course, not litteraly everything) With my grow I will no longer need to buy weed. Everything I have can now be saved PLUS the setup itself is an 'investment'.

    Most of my family says spend it on college. I plan to get a student loan for that though.
  2. No, do not get an alienware, they're a waste of money, read up and make a custom computer, that'll knock off 2.5k
  3. I recommend that you mail it to me. :cool:
  4. I'm with Hemp on that one lol

    But in all honesty pay off some bills, make sure your car is up to speed, you really don't need an iphone, what a terrible waste of money, or some other fancy video game system. If you still live at home or in an apartment, I'd take that money, take like 10,000 and put a down payment on a house, that's what I'd do.
  5. I would say put a down payment on a house. Then rent out both upstairs and downstairs, the upstairs rent pays the morgage, and the downstairs pays the rest of the bills, and whatevers left is nothing but profit.
  6. I'm w/the Pirate lover and the Queen;) and my address is.

    Sounds like you've a good sence what to do. Just don't go to Vegas. j/k

  7. Hell yeah, go out fear and loathing style...

    "Sounds like big trouble. You're going to need plenty of legal advice before this thing is over. As your attorney, I advise you to rent a very fast car with no top. And you'll need the cocaine. Tape recorder for special music. Acapulco shirts. Get the hell out of L.A. for at least 48 hours."

  8. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

    I dunno, I assume you are at least 18. And by now eventhough you may want all this stuff, I would like to suggest to invest it, you are old enough now. That paper could turn into a lot more than what it is worth now. You may think that having these things or using the money to live off of if you had to is something that you would like to do, but why not challenge yourself to invest it. Its hard to realize that spending it isnt the greatest idea, of course there are things that you want, but IMHO, I say invest invest invest.

    No matter if you use it for college or not, you will still have student loans. 17k wont get you through college! Invest it!

  9. Yeah, here here!
    Ah, If I could stay in one place for a while, Id love to do this! Maybe when Im ready to settle down heh!
  10. I don't know about you, but I would probably move to the French/Swiss/Italian Alps and ski bum for a while. 17k could easily last you a few years. If you know the right people, you can find free or incredibly cheap logging (of course you wouldn't have a cofortable bed, but who cares), and the food in the Alps is the best in the world. As for lift tickets, that's where it gets expensive, but you can always climb the mountain instead of riding up it :hello:.

    That's just me.

    Oh, and Italian chicks are the best in the world too :)
  11. Be more open as to what I should invest in. I actually talked to my mom (real estate agent) about putting 10k on a house. I probably don't have enough credit to get a mortgage and I definitely don't have the kind of job to make that kind of payments. The point of my growing is so I never have to worry about weed. Selling it would be like parting with my children. I guess there could always be exceptions though. I things are right around this time next year theres no doubt that is what I would want to do.
  12. If you look up confinscated properties and cars, you can get them really cheap.

    If I were you, I would invest in a volcano and a grow setup.
  13. I'll say for now I'll put away 10k to invest.
    I'll put a 4k budget on my grow
    build a comp for 2.5-3k

    still get my PS3 which is a necessity. Ever since I had one and had it taken away from me I have a need to have it replaced. The whole list is still up for debate thought since it's not happening for another 8 months. :rolleyes:

    I can only imagine how bad the government's going to fuck me on taxes.
  14. donate it all to the gc island fund.

    but seriously the sog set up and the car are great ideas. you need a car and the grow op will pay for itself very fast since you will no longer need to buy your herb and you will have sooooo much that you can "give" it to friends. about spending nearly 5000 dollars on video games? not to bash you choice of hobbies but wtf are you thinking? i can understand a new comp if yours is out dated but damn a grand on ps2 shit? you could get a pc for 2000, if your that big of a junkey get 200 or 300 worth of games and put the rest into a better car or the bank or a vacation somewhere nice or any one of ten thousand better ideas. just mho.
  15. i have a 10k cd and it makes about $500 a year in interest

  16. http://www.youngmoney.com/investing/investing_basics/020908_02

    Mutual funds are an excellent way to start investing..Id start reading all that you can now and think about opening an account online that you can bank on, (ie, Etrade is an excellent broker/bank).
    You start 10k with some mutual funds now in your life, you'll have a nice farking chunk ready for you later.
  17. Put at least $10,000 in the bank. You'll regret blowing all of it at once otherwise.
  18. I'm not sure what all the differences between CD's and mutals and all that. The way it's been set up is when the guy died and left me the money, he set it so I couldn't touch it for so long, and I've been gaining intrest this whole time. Couldn't I just leave that much in instead of taking it out then doing another?
  19. My two cents:

    Buy grow equipment and get $1.5-3k car, spend another $1.5k fixing it. Unless you buy some import that's no longer made, that will run better than a car that cost $4.5k to begin with.

    That should be about $5-6k down. Put $8.5k in a high-yields savings account like those offered by ING. (Not recommending their services, just giving you an idea of what to look for). Anything with yields more than four per cent... you could easily wind up with a cool million by the time you're thirty. You just have to be dilligent about stashing away at least 5% of what you make into the savings account and other than that never interact with it. This is the best form of investment for someone who doesn't want to spend too much time watching their investment and may not be able to make steady payments. In other words, typical stoner.

    That leaves a few thou to play with. Want a computer? Build it yourself... a home made computer for about $1.5k will run just as well as one of those $5k alienware pieces of shit. Don't get an iPhone at least until the holiday season... knowing Apple there will be some decent bundles, so you won't get f'd so hard in the a by the iPhone contract... I would get a new bong :smoke:

  20. How about you sign it over in my name and Ill cut you dividends of what the interest is at now? :D
    I suggested that you read a little about investing. You wont figure it all out in a day. You can have someone do the footwork for you, but then you have to pay them! fuck that mess! Heh! The interest rates of trust funds are around what CDs are as well about 4.8% With mutual funds, its slightly more of a risk, becuase they can decline like stocks, but the return is greater. Some mutual funds are known for great returns though. CDs are good to have as well, if you really want to invest, you can have a little chunk of money here and there. With CDs, you are locked into a rate and will recieve that once it matures. It all depends on how risky you want to be with your money.
    It may sound like a turnoff at first, all the terms and ways you dont know how or what to do with yet, but get on some websites and see if it does interest you, if it does, if you really want to see your $$ WORK for you, then dump it in investments. Cant go wrong with making money off of your money.

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