What should i name my bubbler?

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    ive never named any of my pieces...all my friends do. But ive had this one for about a month, used it many times and still no one has named it yet. What do you guys think?


    its the bubbler that needs the name...its transparent when held up to the light with a heavy green tint..give me some time and il put more pics up

    the spoon is the jellyfish

    thanks guys
  2. I'll always suggest that the owner smoke out of it and eventually a name will come to you. But if you really haven't found one, I suppose my attempt at a name would be "Astro". Just because of the design and the color scheme.

    Keep it hazin'!
  3. just get high and think of a name, i have named all five of my pieces like that
  4. I just named my first piece that way.....had smoked out of it twice and no name, then smoked a blunt with my friend and when I got home it hit me, "Elmo Ozymandias" was the perfect name for it lol. Its a glass spoon btw

  5. haha I just love that name btw, actually my user name is what i named my zong.

    Me and some friends were playing UFC while stoned from my zong and i was chuck lidell. I straight punched shogun rua in the face and he got knocked out in one hit.

    And then it hit me... Chuck lidell: one hit, and youre done!
  6. Cooly/Coolie
  7. name the big blue one. SMURF
  8. Name it yourself, because it will be unique. Dont ask others to name your bowl for you, it will soon come

    Either really fast sometimes or not so fast other times.

    my bowl i named in 3 hours.

  9. idk its just ive never named any of my own pieces...maybe this will be the first.
  10. Danky Deep Blue
  11. fl0w [fl-oh]

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