What Should I name it?

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  1. I've had my bong for a while and I still don't have a name for it. It is mostly clear, with blue streaks across the base of it. It is pretty small. What should I name it? Something clever.
  2. How bout Billy Bong Thorton??

  3. Since it has some blue in it, maybe Grover?

  4. name it something after that "blue streak" movie, like a character or something related.

    possibly diamond?

  5. Snozzberry cumshot.
  6. I'm not gonna be the first one to say it.
  7. Azuretion
  8. big blue-baby blue-blue oaster-blue-blue steel-blue zebra(cause of the stripes)- i dunno man i would have to see it- i got a huge green bong i named the green monster-still cant think of a name for the mushroom hookah-feels like im naming a child-good luck:smoke:
  9. Blue Oyster Bong?

    I like Grover cause then when you want to get high you can say, "We are going to Sesame Street."
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    i had a straight 3 foot ice catcher that was green and named gumby. my mom was actually the person to name it.

    and yea I'd have to see (and preferablly hit) it to give a fair name

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