What should I name her/him?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dirt King, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. I've been wanting a new dog for a while, and I might get a pup today, gonna go check 'em out in a bit. I have a name in mind (shithead), but I'm not sure if it'll fit for the pup I get, so I'm here to ask for everyones input on a good name, or a place (website) that has a fair selection/database of names. I dont usually go for the most common names (obviously), and prefer something that means something (but not neciserily blunt about what it means - like Pax, means peace).... ie; Words in other languages, anagrams, etc, stuff like that...
    They're all german shepard/lab mix (the mom was a gshep, and dad a lab).... I don't really like labs too much, but it's cool.

    Hey, even a website that has a word search, where I can type in the meaning word (peace), and it comes up with other words that mean that (pax)....

  2. Well these are more for a kid but some are dog names too lol

    Chalka (from an old MTV cartoon i love that name)
    Mary Jane (lol)

    I dunno shithead seems kinda mean to me what if you grow to really like the dog or when it dies or suttin youll be like ya shithead died... lmao
  3. hey im not to sure but i used to do that language translation thing ummm try about.com and then try to look on there maybe i cant remember the place i used to go to

    or just type in language translators in search on google or whatever
  4. Thanks
    Haha, yeah the classic MJ
    Well, I'm back and I've got him sitting in my lap right now (sleeping), he's I think 8 weeks old, and yeah your right about the future, I decided not to name him that (doesn't even go for his personality). Yeah Chalka's kinda cool... My sister was saying I should name him Boyd, then I was thinking "Boyed....Cannaboid.... Boid...?".... Anyways I'll have a little while to decide.
    Yeah I'll try some translation sites and see what names I can come up with.
    He's really cool, he has a lot more Shep in him then lab... he's gonna have the legs, ears and face of a Shep for sure. He's big for his age, and his feet and paws and all, he's gonna be a big one.

    When I went up there, there were five pups (still nursing - though not needing to), and they all came running out playful like, jumping around, climbing on me, etc., and I couldn't decide what one I'd want (between 3), but when the mom came out from where she was (hiding from pups cause their teeth were tearing her nipples), all the pups ran to her, except one... He looked back at her then back at me and stayed, so since he picked me, I picked him (he was one of the 3). I really think he's gonna be a good dog. Definitely.

    haha, he woke up so I let him wander, and he got stuck behind our stove, tricky getting him out, but he is now... And I blocked the path back there. Gonna have to pup proof the house, lol
  5. dictionary.reference.com/translate/text.html it translates pretty well most of the time.
  6. yea dude, watch your shoes!
    i prefer dogs with docked tails, cause the dont knock over bongs and shit on the coffe table. Ive got a heeler/ border collie mix, and shes a great companion. How bout Bud? thats a good one.. fuck, I dont know anymore :D Id say spend some time with the dog, and somthin will come to ya.

    Good luck with your new friend
  7. Cool, that link worked... I think I'll name him Krieger. Not sure yet, but am almost sure that's what I'll end up naming him. Since we're both half german I think it fits giving him a german name.
    Someone lent me a few dog/german shepherd books, with a bunch of names in them that I'll look through too.

    Yeah it would be good not having a tail to knock things over with, but I don't think he'd look very good without one. Plus I wouldn't feel right about getting his tail docked... That'd be like my parents having all my fingers cut off when I'm little, so I can't get into their stash later.... Just not something I feel right about, like imagine your leg (or other body part - like the frank & beans) laying in some landfill..... not something I'd want.... scary thought, haha
    ha yeah bud's a good one... I usually call all dogs that though
  8. heheh!! you will have to send some pics when ya get some gotta love em when they're so small and you will probly regret NOT namin him shithead....in a few weeks you will know why my "pup" is27 weeks now he's "fixed" and still a shithead is also 1/2 German and 1/2 Rotti and u being 1/2 German probly also realize that u have a stubborn nature ;) lol no offense im heinz 57 so... anyway he was 7 weeks when i got him love him to death but holy shit hes a pain in de ass lol he got weighed when he got neutered that was 4 weeks ago and he weighed 56.7 lbs. so yeah like 5 more months to grown i got the "large dog" kennel/crate thingy and he can stand and turn with ease as of now wonderin how it will be in a few short months he loves his "bed" tho he knows everytime he goes in there he gets a treat..ok im done ramblin lol i was tokin a spliff while typin on and on and...lol :p oh yeah smoke the dank he knocked my bong, my milk, and some pop off the table with his damn tail lol
    toke on :smoke:
  9. Yeah when I get pics I'll send ya some..he just woke me up an hour ago, had to go out. So I thought I'd come on here for a little while. He's really cool as a pup, but I can't wait for him to be done growing/learning, lol... I've got a while before that though.
    btw, how's things been for you lately?
  10. hey DK im doin alright...dont complian it does no good ;) alot better then the last 2 months tho! guess jus hafta keep on keepin on....oh and i know what ya mean bout the pup wakin ya up Zep still tries to wake me all i hafta do it yell "ZEPPELIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and he knows ma wants more sleep ...took bout 3 days of him wakin me up i'd go out smack his cage lol and its metal so big racket lol left him in there and he quite :p wake me up will ya!!! heheh!
    anyway im attachin this pick of him i took bout a week after i brought him home...check out all muh shit man taco bell cup...mmm munchies :p peanuts lol and of course i jus caught the edge of that fat Oz layin there lol oops shoulda smoked one less bowl before i played wif da camera heh! wasnt he so damn cute? i liked the black fur but now hes mostly brown and amber colored his back is black but thets it but his coloring is really pretty...hes jus so damn cute hard to be mad at him lol
    toke on :smoke:
    oh yeah...thats him sleepin <<<<in my avatar that was like 3 weeks ago

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  11. Goddamn, I love dogs. I hope you pick a winner : -p
  12. aww thats so cute....my friend had a dog who was called: smoky it was the tightest shit ever :D

  13. Rocky always makes me think of Boxing. Then I think of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    I think you should name the dog Rocky Horror.
  14. My friend evans dog was named D.O.G pronounced dee o gee

    its pretty simple but effective
  15. nice pup he looks cool little zep
  16. oh snap fool, my dog is a german shepard/lab/husky mix...she's cool as hell.
  17. well Ex thats when he was wayyyy younger he's right around 60 lbs. now friggin moose!!! lol thinks he's a lap dog too here's Zep today i jus snapped it 10 mins ago. hrd to believe it's same dog lol
    toke on :smoke:

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  18. Good, glad to hear that, gotta keep on going. Yeah he sometimes quiets down when I turn the radio on, but I still can't sleep with it like that, lol. If I yell NO! he'll quiet down for while. He's got a problem with biting still, but he's learning. Woww, he looks way different now, cool dog!
    man i'm tired, haha

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