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What should I mix mint leaves with?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jonthewright, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. So I've rolled mint leaves and sage before in rolling paper and I noticed that the mint tasted like trash by itself. I was wondering what else should I mix it with to make it taste nicer (I won't use weed or tobacco)
  2. Lime sugar and rum. Great drink
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  3. Into a joint?
  4. Sorry. I was making a joke that it would make mojitos. Why would you smoke mint leaves? Are you feeling effects from that?
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  5. IDK didn't wanna get into sinning with weed and didn't wanna smoke tobacco so I decided to try mint. It gave me a weird boner for some reason
  6. Sinning? Does the bible say somewhere not to smoke or ingest cannabis? This is a weed website. We like the plant.
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  7. Lawd don't even get me started on them mojitos...
  8. Everybody appreciates a good troll every now and then.

    But weeds a sin, and smoking mint gave you a "weird boner"... :confused_2:

    Do you even troll bro?
  9. Lol isent salvia a type of mint or sage or something along those lines?

    I dunno i tried that shit when i was in highschool. All i did was drool and mumble for 5 fucking minutes, was terrible.
    Id rather smoke pot then mint or sage blends. Haha
    OP go bust up a gram of mary and enjoy its awesomeness.
  10. Mix that shit into the compost heap
  11. Y'all play to much. He really over here rolln up some tea an shit :roflmao:
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