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What should I make with cannabutter?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by adrenalyn, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. I got over a half cup of really good cannabutter. I want to know some treats I could make with it. I have all regular ingredients like flour sugar and everything. So what are some really tasty things I could make?
  2. trick ur friends into a butter eating competition.
  3. No I want to make good treats.
  4. in that case i like choclate candies, brownies (there is a reason they are popular, they go great with cannabutter, esp if u include some sort of nut into them)

    you could also do your favorite cookie? I have had some great cannabutter huckleberry pie, but that takes a large amount of budder and u only get to eat a large dose at a time.

    what kinda things do u like to eat or cook? how good of a baker are you?
  5. Try making fudge?

    It's not difficult. Basically sugar, butter, corn syrup, and chocolate.
  6. I've made several attempts at cookie making with cannabutter, for simplicity, I really love betty crocker's oatmeal cookie mix. I add some golden raisins and some nuts if I have them. You can add anything you like and all you need is the budder an egg and your mix ins! I bake them a little cooler around 325* for just a little longer around 10-12mins til golden.

    add in ideas i've used & like:
    dried cranberries
    dried cherries
    chocolate chips
    broken up heath or skor bar
    hershey's kiss on top of cookie

    I like to make cookies with canna butter because I like cookies, but also because I can make the cookies as big or little as I want. Makes dosing easier for me.

  7. i could of swore you were gonna add all of those ingredients into your edibles... i was like :eek: sounds so good
  8. Woah I've never thought about making a cannabutter pie. Im a decent cook. I made a batch of chocolate chips cookies with the other half of this cannabutter and everyone says they taste pretty good. But ill eat any sort of treat I was just looking for something off the wall and creative.

    Hmmm sounds pretty good. I might have to try that.
  9. I am attempting a toffee and chocolate chip bar.. just replacing regular butter with cannabutter,, should taste great. :smoke:
  10. Yeah sounds like it would be pretty good
  11. Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies:D
    na das gud stuf;)
  12. Nothing's more badass than a big cake. :)
  13. 2 Chocolate Pop-tarts with peanut butter and cannabutter in between them. It's pretty good.

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