What should I make to eat?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by meowtoyou, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. i have normal house food. i dont fucking know. i have munchies so tell me what to feed my tasty buds
  2. potatoes can be good. slice em thin, throw em in skillet with some buttter. let em get crispy, season them however you like.

    really good stoned imo.

  3. cant wake my step dad up or he'll go ape shit. peanut butter idea?
  4. if you have potatoes and peanut oil you can make some homemade french fries. those kick ass for munchies
  5. microwave only O_O
  6. no idea man. i always just eat whatevers around
  7. I havean idea! Grab peanut butter and honey and put it on celery ot atleast just peanut butter and honey!
  8. i have an idea too my mom only fucking buys tomatoes and all those gay vegetables......... i have peanut butter though....... hmmm peanut butter heated up on bread? im feelin it ... ill see in a few bong rips please more replies guys
  9. This is so weird. I was just in my kitchen thinking that same question, then I was like, I'm gonna ask gc.

    Log on and find this thread.

  10. Ramen Noodles :yummy:

  11. theyve been gone bro u should know better...
  12. Grileed cheese? In the micriwave possibly? Good idea ya ik :)

  13. That's too funny. I'm hungry and I decided to consider some of these suggestions because I was feeling unimaginative.

  14. i just saw a cheese commercial and thought that.... i dont know sounds grosss.... im feelin the toast and pb... my mom was supposed to fucking pick me up more cereal... omg what about raisin bran ahhhh!!!!!!! idk!!!!!!!! guys

  15. If you got any Cup Of Noodles make those, I live off those man. They're super cheap, take 3 minutes to make, and taste amazing.
  16. raisin bran in a pb sandwhich. add some crunch intothe sandwhich
  17. Eggs or Pizza. All I've had today

  18. oh.... my..... god..... BE RIGHT BACK BLADES!!!!!
  19. Man I'm not even hungry and this thread makes me want to go eat, I'm gonna go make some amazingly big ass sandwich with whatever the fuck I can find on it.
  20. guess what guys.... i have a steaming hot peanut butter sandwich with raisin bran that i am about to bite into. could this be a new favorite munchie? I will let you guys know

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