what should i make to blaze outta

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by smoketree420, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. well gc, you heard me. i need to make something to toke outta this weekend. im really not feelin then tinnian, possibly a waterfall or grav, think of something i can make!:D
  2. go buy some glass.
  3. make like a tree and buy a glass bowl
  4. *all you hear is crickets and all of a sudden tumbleweeds fly threw the scene*
  5. first of all, i have glass, but iw anted to be created and make something, you guys arent being buzzkills or anything, dont worry.
  6. waterfall if your set on making something.

    but just buy some glass and youll be much happier in the long run
  7. were not worried.
  8. or make a bong out of a glass bottle.. idk how to do it but ive hit them before and their almost as good as buyin a 300 dollar bong... almost being the key word.
  9. pineapple bong, use your existing slide/downstem and a small piece of pvc, gut the pineapple kinda like a jack-o-lantern, shove the downstem through the front where it would normally go, and put the small piece of pvc pipe from where the fruit ends to your mouth. insta awesome flavored bong.
  10. 2 liters. or you could always roll a blunt and post it up.
  11. whenever i would make a pipe/bong i would always make a lung. i loved those bad boys because you could punch the bag right in and just shoot a mean rip right down. haha
  12. make a grav/waterfall, if u never used be4 u will get ripped

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