What should I look for when I'm buying a bowl?

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  1. So i got a buddy who is selling a bowl he said it was used once or twice. I know I Can clean that but here is the description of it

    It is about 3-4 Inches, Glass and it is color changing. I'm waiting for some pictures from the guy. But what should I be looking for? He is asking for 10 bucks on it and I Was looking to spend 20 so this is less than what I Wanted and 10 for some other stuff :cool:

    So what should I look for and btw this is my first post!!! :hello:
  2. If you like it buy it.

    If you don't like it don't buy it.
  3. Depends on what you're into. I normally go for something I know won't break. I'm pretty rough with my bowls.
    I've bought plenty of fancy stuff cause it looked cool but they all ended up breaking. I go for plain and sturdy now.
  4. Personally I would buy a bowl that someone only has eaten out of once or twice. I wish my glass bowls were color changing, that would make eating cereal a blast!
  5. something with thicker glass, a good size bowl that will fit your kind of packs, smaller hole so it doesnt pull through as easily and a design you like? thats what i do
  6. ide say buy it if your in need of a piece, no matter the looks, it can look like a damn penis for 10$.
  7. Look to see the size of the hole in the bowl and if you'll need a screen for it or not.

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