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What should I have done?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Murdoc101, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Just to warn you, this is pretty long. If you have time to read it let me know if I was right in what I did, I'm kinda stressing thinking I did the wrong thing.

    So a friend of mine came up to visit my college for the weekend, was really fun. Before he came up I asked him if he could buy me some bud so I could move some of it and get some free weed for the weekend. I originally wanted an ounce of mids, should cost less than 150 maybe a bit more. Our regular guy back home flaked out so my friend had to go through his cousin's guy, who wanted 100 for a half of mids.

    So anyway, I was not really happy about having to pay 100 for a half, but the prices where I go to school are much higher than where I grew up so I knew I could still make the money back.

    The problem came on thursday when my friend got here. He gave me four bags, which were very obviously light, but said they weighed out to 1/8s on his scale and were just really dense nugs.

    So we get to another friends house just to hang out and smoke before we went out to a party, and when this friend want's an 1/8th I ask to use his scale. I weigh out the nug and what was supposed to be a half according to my friend measures up to be a quarter.

    So I more or less forget about the issue and just tried to have a good time for the rest of the weekend.

    When my friend packed up to leave this morning it got time for me to pay him for the nug. I pull out my money and tell him I can pay him $60. He was really pissed because he thinks I should give him the full $100. I told him there was no way in hell would I pay $100 for a quarter of mids.

    So am I obligated to pay him the entire $100 since I asked him to pick it up and bring it 8 hours up to where I go to school? On one hand I feel bad because he got a "half" from the same guy, so he got shorted on his weed then pays $100 for weed he then gave to me for $60. At the same time though the weed was so obviously short I laughed when he tried to convince me it was a half, so I think it's his fault for buying it in the first place. I also don't know if I can trust this guy anymore, since he told me it weighed out on his scale which would have to be horribly innaccurate for it to be off by 100% of the weight.

    So gc, am I justified in what I did?
  2. If someone shorted me i wouldn't even pay.

    Just my opinion, that's why i have never, ever, ever had a middle man.
  3. Fuck, even $60 is pushing it. It sounds a little sketchy to me that your buddy said it weighed up on his scale. You def did the right thing I would never have payed him $100, if he really didnt know the difference between a 1/4oz and a 1/2oz then its his fault not yours. The way I see it is your buddy got ripped off and tried to dump the problem on you, good for you for calling him out on it.
  4. #4 Murdoc101, Feb 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2009
    Yeah I prefer not to have a middle man , but its a good friend I have known for close to 15 years.

    Cypher, thanks for backing me up. It is pretty sketch that he said he weighed it out. And I agree paying $60 for the quarter is a bit much, but I ended up getting an eighth for $25 since I got $35 for the other one, so that didn't bother me too much.
  5. #5 OCDinFL, Feb 8, 2009
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    First of all, sounds like your "friend" is an idiot. Anyone who has bought more than 2 bags in his life can tell the difference between and a quarter and a half oz. I personally would not have taken possession. You should have told him that it was obviously short and he needs to take the loss for a short bag rather than making him pay $40 towards your sack. In my experience, it sounds like your "friend" was trying to rip you off. You've been taxed!
  6. That's not too bad then, at least everything worked out, live and learn!
  7. friends dont sell friends light bags my brother.

  8. Yeah OCD, I've been thinking it over and I think that is exactly what I should have done.

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