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  1. Hello, im new to the forums and would just like to say Hi... So Hi i hope i get to know some of you etc etc and have a decent time here which would be cool.

    I am thinking of growing a plant. However i would like some advice from the more experianced green fingers of world. Seeing as this will be the first time ive done it.

    So here is the deal.

    1. Ive got an aprox 70 cm high 50 cm deep and say 50 cm wide or 60.
    to make is easier thats basically 2.2ft high 1.6ft deep and 1.6ft wide/1.8

    2. So ive been doing my research and it seems the way to go is to get some CFL bulbs. Nice energy saving ones.

    3. Smell is an issue seeing as im living with others and it will be indoors. From the lingo ive gathered on here im basically making a "STEALTH" setup.

    4. Size is an issue aswell, i can only have a plant that will grow into those measurements.

    5. I would wish this to be as suttle as possible. Hiding this box wont be a problem i have found an excelent place. Hence its measurements.

    6. I need a plant that i can harvest before the 20th of december preferably because i will be leaving my house.

    So i need a nice low quick plant that will fit into these measurements.

    Ps i would like to continue after december so if you have a good plant in mind thats good but wont be done by december still tell me so i can look into it next year.

    I would be really greatful if you guys could give some guidence. Also where you would recomend getting seeds from.

    Cheers guys

  2. hey dude your best bet is to look into autoflowering plants or a normal strain & use LST(u will want a indica dom strain as they grow shorter)

    there is a whole subforum on where to get seeds you buy em from a seedbank id suggest using Attitude Cannabis seeds | Marijuana Seeds they ship worldwide & many people on here will vouch for them to, check out their autoflower section most auto's go from seed to harvest in 60-70 days compaired to a normal strain which is usually atleast 8-10weeks (can be much longer)

    also for smell id recommend a carbon scubber or others will prob smell it
  3. Sounds rather sketchy to me... If you are keeping your rents or mates in the dark about it then you gotta ask yourself why you are willing to lie to them every day for the next 90 just for a bit of smoke.

    Really not enough time unless you had rooted clones ready to go right now.

    And really not enough space either.

    I would say hang on to that dream and start your grow once you get your own place.
  4. Bump

    Can anyone else share some views?
  5. ^^^what he said^^^
  6. I have got my own place, and im not lying to my friends. Its just the less people that know, the less people that can talk about it. If at any point they ask me of course ill tell them.

    So basically the only issue is time and space?

    Space i can work with. I have roughly 90/95 days. Is there nothing i can do ?
  7. Unless you go 12/12 from seeds.
  8. The information that was given right here is perfect.

    Get the auto hindu kush, or lowryder, or diesel ryder, I would stay away from the auto ak-47 because it can still get pretty tall. You have 90 days you said until you have to leave, so then I would order these seeds asap, and get them going. You may still run out of time with harvesting and drying/curing, but it's really your best bet.

    The lowryder or "auto" plants will do a few things for you. One they stay short, especially with CFL's. And they will go from seed to smoke in as little as 70 days. For a space that small, even if you LST'd you would be limited, the auto's are your best bet.
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    Thanks guys, once the plants are harvested curing isnt a problem. I can put them air tight glass tubs in a safe and transport them. Then when ive left for xmas i can let them mature like a fine whisky for as long as i want.

    In short. I just need the plants ready for the chop chop in 90 days.

    Cheers for this input guys. Ive yet to have any real idea about high these things actually grow.

    So hindu kush, low ryder or deasel ryder?

    The ak47 did look like it could get abit out of hand lol.

    PS... LST ? Total amature guys, sorry. : )
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    I've never grown lowryders but they apparently finish in 7 weeks (from seed) and stay pretty short, You will obviously need lights of some sort, If you want your little bonzai bud to yield the oz it is capable of doing then an HPS is likely mandatory, but since your space is small do not forget to add a cooltube. If cash is very tight and you just want to prove to yourself that you can grow then a mess of CFLs will likely yield less then an oz, probably less then a 1/2 oz, but like I said I've never grown lowryders so maybe an expert can chime in here...

    I did poke around GC a bit to see what people yield with these lowryders and CFLs, not surprisingly most do not seem to want to mention what they ended up with. I did find a pic of a little bonzai bud though from this thread. He used CFLs on lowryders and he doesn't mention yield but from the look of it I would guess about a 1/4 oz.



    EDIT: PS, do not forget to get a fan with decent static pressure (check my sig) and a carbon filter or else your mates will smell it growing...
  11. I would say a 1/4 Oz is very close to what you can expect from those plants with CFL's. Like cancan said, you'll need a HPS to push the real max out of the plant, but that doesn't mean you need it to get some bud, or you even want it for that small of box you have.

    Put one or two plants in that size, give them as many CFL's as you can, and watch them grow. By the time you are done you'll have a half ounce of some smokable bud.

    I have grown these under CFL's and under an HPS. I can tell you that the difference is night and day, but honestly, it should be.

    The other great thing about lowryders are they put off very little, to almost no smell. If the space they are in is sealed up, you won't have to worry about smell.

    I would suggest any of the following:

    Lowryder 2
    Auto White Russian
    Auto Hindu Kush
    Diesel Ryder

    The Auto Ak-47 like I mentioned will get tall for an auto. I have one growing right now that is about 3 feet tall (which is amazing for an auto). Likewise the blueberry x ak-47 will get tall, and the regular auto-berry (or whatever LL calls it) is probably a bit hard for a newbie to grow. Stick with the above strains, give her some good CFL light, some love, and she'll reward you for it.
  12. Cheers guys. Im hearing these "autos" flower practicly right away and they need 2700k bulbs. So im thinking... for 2/3 plants roughly 600watts of light? In CFL's that is. Not normal bulbs.

    Do work ,if you had to choose one on say... taste or yeild etc.

    What would you say?

    Cheers for this guys your being a massive help.

    Ill defo show you how it goes

  13. That is truly astounding, a pot plant that doesn't smell? I may have to toss some lowryders into my next seed order just to smell (or not smell?) that for myself :)
  14. 600 watts of light! Wooh, you'll have a hard time fitting that much light into that small of a space. If you're planning on doing 2-3 plants 600 watts of light will be fine, I just don't think that you have the right measurments down for lighting ;).

    If you can invest in the blue bulbs and the orange bulbs you'll give yourself the best opportunity for success, but the 2700k bulbs in the end are all you really need.

    Since yield is really not the purpose of this grow, I'll throw that question out lol. While Lowryder 2 has a nice taste and smell to it, it's probably the worst. The hindu kush or the diesel ryder are probably your best bets as far as taste and smell. Either one of those would be nice. I've actually never grown diesel ryder, but I have grown NYC diesel, and smoked both it and sour diesel, and they're both amazing. Whichever you choose you're sure to enjoy.

    If you want pure potency though, and not really taste/smell (not to say it will be bad my any means) I might go with the auto white russian... Just something to think about ;).
  15. Well it smells... but I'll put it this way, if you're stealth growing, and you have it in a box, and you keep that box inside of a closet you won't smell it lol.

    Even then, I hardly ever can smell the auto plants I grow until I am moving them, or I put my face right up to them. The only time they put off a noticeable smell is when they are just about ready for the picking.

    If I had to guess, I would just say it has to do with their small and compact nature, not really much of a smell to give off...
  16. Cool sound advice. So is 600watts way over? I mean i would love to use less but the more the better ive heard so why not. I was kind of working out the temperature aswell so i wanted the CFL's to heat the box to the temperature.

    Ill be running a load of tests for temperature because i dont want to burn anything.

    What would you say on the wattage guys?

    I would really like a nice smoking / tasting bud. Im not a mega stoner so most of the time this stuff kicks my arse. But im enough of a stoner not to want to spend £20/$40 on an 8th of weed now and then, when i can grab all this grow stuff cheaply.
  17. The more light the better indeed. I can't really give you advice on that without seeing your grow space, but just experiment with what you can fit in there. Just to pop them above ground all you really need is on CFL / plant, and you can go from there.

    600 watts would be great, it just sounds like a lot of CFL's. If you can pull it off, more power to you!
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    Im planing on buying CFL's that are 30 watts. The equivilant of 150watts apparently.
    4 of those will be 600 watts equiv. Should be cool. Ive planned out the box so i can rig a little pully system to highten and lower the lights. etc

    Now if just got to wire them up.... that maybe my last post lol. Nah but seriously it seems pretty simple to do so. Time and care should mean i wont get fried.

    Cheers for the info guys.
  19. dude dont forget that equiv dont mean shit, u have actual 120watts if its 4 of those 30watters

    good luck with ur grow
  20. This is probably true, so if you want to have 2 plants, you shohuld get about 200 watts worth of lights. General rule is 100 watts / plant. Keep them close, they won't burn the plants.

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