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  1. So, I have finished my last grow and started my cure and think it is time to get another one going. I would like everyone's advice on what to grow. I have a choice of 4 different strains on hand, Feminised Super Lemon Haze and Regular White Widow, HG Kush and Super Silver Haze. I am only growing for personal use so only plan on doing 1 or 2 plants at a time. I have a 600W dimmable ballast and space is negotiable. My current box is 12"dX 18"wX 48"h, but I have an entire room available if need be.
    On another note, I have grown only on DWC so far but am thinking of moving to COCO or an Ebb and Flow system. If you could provide your opinion on which of the 3 is better and if any of the grow methods work better for any of the specific strains I have mentioned that would be great.
    Thanks guys and gals!

  2. Love white widow. My personal favSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. Go with the SSH, great strain, killer meds. although I personally would make a couple small adjustments to your grow area, maybe clean it up a little bit so you don't have a non-functioning scrog screen :smoke:
    Haha, yea, that grow box has needed some bandaging for awhile. The SSH is a strain that likes to stretch quite a bit right?
  5. I dunno, I would think so seeing as it's haze and skunk. but yeah, that's the one I would do, personally. white widow would be cool but, SSH is awesome, I've always wanted to grow it out
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  6. I second ssh
  7. And yes op its gonna stretch like mad but with some simple height control techniques it shouldnt be a big problem
  8. The gentleman who grows my smoke just did super silver haze and island sweet skunk a while back. Let me tell you both plants were to die for and they PRODUCED. Huge monster 12-18 in colas. I think i have a pic of a tip of a cola. I had to cut the top off to fit in my fav jar. Hold on let me find it.Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  10. Top was the sshBottom 2 issSent from my HTCEVOV4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. SSH it is! Now I just have to build a new grow area to keep it under control. My box is nowhere near large enough for something like that.
  12. WOO!! have fun with it, start a journal, I'd love to follow it.
    I'll get one going here in a few for sure. Stay tuned.
    After doing some research tonight, by going to Lowe's (more on that below), I decided to buy a grow tent. I found one on ebay  http://www.ebay.com/itm/281167492750  the 5'X5'X7' for only $168 bucks shipped. I was debating between the 4'x4' and the 5'x5' but for an extra $19 I couldn't justify not getting the bigger one so I don't end up saying in a couple months, "Damn, this 4' is just not enough, I shoulda gone with the 5 footer." Its got a steel frame, all the vents, zippers, light hangers, the whole shebang. After my last experience building that grow box I found myself earlier tonight stepping into a quagmire.
    So I went to Lowe's, completely prepared to get what I needed to start building my grow area. I went to the PVC section and between the amount of pipe I would need and all the fittings, it was looking to cost me $75-$80. Put it in the cart. I have panda film and contact cement at home, so I can construct the walls for free! As I get ready to push the cart down the aisle it all hits me. This is the same thing I did with the box, got the material to physically build it, but didn't think about all the little nuances necessary. So as I get ready to push the cart I start thinking the following... "Wait, how am I going to exhaust it? It'll need to be lightproof so I can't just cut a hole in the Panda film and half-ass a seal with aluminum tape again." .... "Crap, the air intake will need to be cut in the panda film and lightproofed too."... "I gotta buy something to hold the light up, and the fan, and the ducting."
    So I leave the cart in the aisle, deciding to look online and see how much a new tent instead would cost. I see Gorilla tents and other brands that are way to much IMHO. I don't need to do pullups on the tent bar, I need to grow shit. So boom, Ebay. Found a couple for a little cheaper, but had some shipping. And thought this one looked more legit than those others. Plus I like the highlighting around the zippers. I think in the long run, I will have ended up spending a little less building it than buying it, but I am willing to absorb that cost to just get something that I know will do what its supposed to do right out of the gate.
  14. i have a 5x5 and it doesnt look too big so glad i got it...also had a small lighthouse tent like that one that ive used for 4yrs now and its pretty good...the zippers have light leak though so make sure you dont have bright lights by it in flower..the zippers they use are smooth and never broke so i liked it
    Cool, thanks. I have more panda film than I know what to do with, so if it leaks any light I can just hang a second wall around the tent. I'm not trying to hide it, just need a way to control the odor really.
  16. yeah I did the DIY thing for a while but ended up running into more issues that I needed and spent a ton of time on it, probably spent more on my grow cabinet than if I had just gotten a tent from the beginning. tents are definitely the way to go imo. I got a tent off amazon it was ok, but the vents really sucked-they never fit my fans or the ducting. Eventually just gave it away to a friend. Now I've invested in a secret jardin and the zippers are pretty much lightproof, in a 3x3 with a 600w. very happy with it does exactly what I needed it to do.
  17. I have decided to construct a modular flood- and drain system. I found 4 flood trays at my local hydro store for $25., for all of them. They measure approximately 40"x7" each and are designed to fit those giant rockwool cubes in the photos. I am using 4 trays because I want the option to grow other things as well in this space, like fruits and veggies. I mean, a single mary jane female harvest is enough to last me 3-5 months. So this will allow me to grow from 1-6 plants on any specific nutrient concoction, up to 4 variations. I currently have enough equipment for only 2 trays at the moment though.
    Tonight I was doing some testing with my existing 5 gallon bucket as a reservoir. I noticed that once the tray was full, I barely had enough water to cover the pump, this means I would have had to check the reservoir every day for sure. So I went and bought a few 5 gallons buckets and hardware and am able to add or remove reservoirs as needed to any individual tray. If I run 2 trays of the same thing I could hook up 3 buckets to it. But for a single tray a second is required. If I have something growing that is drinking water like crazy I have the ability to add a third, or fourth bucket to even a single tray if needed to help with maintenance.
    I have 1/2" hardware and tubing. The nipples are fixed at the bottom of the bucket and then a valve with hosing connects to another bucket. If I install 2 outlets per bucket I can add to the system indefinitely. I bought hardware that is threaded so I can install a plug on the inside of the bucket, then seal the valve, so I only lose that little bit of water in the hose and can dump and refill buckets with ease.
    This is not done for sure. I am waiting on a special order for hardware so I can run hosing from the drip holes in the tray to the upper hardware install in the buckets and put the lid on to make it a more completely sealed system. Then I need to construct or buy some kind of table to hold all these trays inside the tent, with room underneath to store all the buckets. Damn, something to keep me busy this weekend at least.

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