What should I grow next?

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  1. Hey everyone, just wanted to get some feedback from fellow growers and see whats really hot right now. I would like everyones opinion on what strain to grow next. My main criteria is yield, bag appeal(looks and smell), and easy to grow indoor in hydro and I will be scrogging. Please post. Thanx.
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    G13 pineapple express is easy to grow.Very good results with taste,and yield w/o much effort.Great bag appeal.Just covered with crystals.When I grew this the first time I didnt even pay much attention to them.The stuff came out really tasty at 8 weeks.I think 9 would've been better.Definatly a strain that takes less effort to pull some nice taste/smell/bagappeal.

    I got mine from http://www.herbiesheadshop.com/g13-labs-pineapple-express-feminised-seeds-2620

    Crap out of stock.Attitude prolly has them.https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/g13-labs-pineapple-express/prod_741.html

    Also I got a Pheno that at 3 inches tall from seed it reaked like a bag of the killer.I cloned it,and made a mom for sure.
  3. I'm can't vouch for personally smoking it, but a lot of the guys I hang with want to get their hands on OG Kush. I've also seen experienced smoker buy Liberty HAZE at 500 an OZ because it was HT Cup Winner
  4. Thanks, I will definitely have to check them out.
  5. Dinafem white siberian is a good one, that I've seen recently that I know to be a big yielder, a fast flowerer, and a very potent strain.

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