What should i grow first?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by siberwayste, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. hey...

    seems im having a little budget problem and now can only afford one 400HPS for my closet grow, rather than 2. i have 2 sections to my grow area and was planning on using them both for vegetation, then once i know the sexes of the plants, move them into the sections as follows: 1 section containg all the males and one female, the other containg just females. this way i could grow for buds and more seeds at the same time. since i only now can afford to light the one section, what should i do:

    1) kill the males and keep the females and harvest for buds
    2) keep both, let the males pollinate the females, kill the males, harvest the females for both buds AND seeds
  2. get rid of any males as soon as they show if its your first time growing breeding them will give you problems and even if you seperate them your grow chamber will have to be air tight so you don't pollinate the females you will just end up with seedy weed
  3. cheers for your advice i think i mite do that then, just keep the females. is there anything at all i can do with the males? even if its not guna be much, anything? i just wanna be sure not to waste anything n then regret it later

    thanks, siberwayste
  4. just bin them if you leave it ti long you will get some of their pollen on your clothing and carry it in to your females
  5. okay, does seem like a good idea after all... seedy buds, yuk. nice n pure is the way forward! thanks for your replys...

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